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Friday, November 28, 2014

Shopping Spree!

I saved this year for two new TV's..... then I found I was working when those TV's went on sale (woomp woomp). So I spent the money on other things!  Yay!
Here is what I picked up for my hubby, my nephew, and myself!

My hubby lives in his slippers when he isn't working.

Too keep my hubby warm while he's out working in the elements. Under Armour

My nephew HAD to have this sweatshirt in HOT Pink!  I know, it's some cool thing but we all got worried for a moment and then said "Ok, if that's what you want".  Shh - he's getting it for Christmas!

So loved this top!  Plus it's not separate pieces.

I SO love my blanket scarf in the "it" plaid.  So I had to snag this double sided buffalo plaid one!
I live in my puffer vests - hello NC weather roller coaster!  White was an obvious choice since my other is herringbone!

Last but Not least - my new camera (please don't judge)
When I can save over $100 for a better camera, I am on Board!!!  I love this camera!

Good luck with whatever you want this shopping season!
Oh I forgot to mention that I got Free Shipping on all items (except camera which I picked up in the store).

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