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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fur and that Bag

Sorry this outfit is a hodge podge.... Pants found on clearance at TJ Maxx ($16), Vest found at Nordstrom Rack ($26), and well I love getting men's plain tee's because they fit larger and are inexpensive (5/$11). I am linking up similar items.

Pants, Vest, Actual Bag looks like the Valentino I could Never afford! Boots

Sorry I didn't post yesterday I was packing and then traveling to COLD country!  I am so excited to be writing this blog from Kansas!  I have had so much fun in the few hours I have been here!  My nephews and I have played two board games together and the best is yet to come ( ehm LEGOLAND!).  I can't say I have ever been so excited to visit a place like LegoLand!  I am not a big fan of theme parks, grew up near Kings Dominion and went like twice a week all summer every summer for years.  Just burnt out I guess.  So follow along today on IG as I venture through LegoLand!

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