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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Floral Button Down

Button Down / Ditto's Jeans / Boots

I love my Dittos jeans!  They are so comfortable and totally formed to my body!  Of course I don't dare wash them!  Obviously if I spill on them then I spot clean or if they get an odor but I try to wear them sparingly (plus I can't wear jeans to work) so it's all good.

We recently had a puppy visitor for a day/night.  Suzie "Q" is an extremely over weight lab (137lbs!!).  She is SO well behaved when she visits (which is about once a month) until her mom comes to pick her up.  Then she jumps and refuses to listen.  I just don't get why anyone would want to have a dog that didn't listen!  I mean my babies thrive on rules and expectations.  They know where their place is.  Ms. Suzie "Q" also does very well while at our home!  Too each their own I guess.  It does bother me though that this poor 3 year old dog is SO obese.  Her mamma knows she is extremely over weight (vet confirmed and all) but does not change what she feeds her or adjust her exercise. Just breaks my heart. I mean the dog will eat whatever you give it, or leave on the table for it to take.  Once Ms Q ate a box of doughnuts that her mom left on the counter (6 pack where only one was eaten by a human).  No boundaries.  My husband says that dogs are like kids and thrive on discipline and boundaries.
I'm no dog whisperer or anything.

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  1. Replies
    1. I love a good print button down! This one goes with several skirts and can make jeans dressy!

  2. I love the liberty print of the your top. I hear you about jeans and how you want to keep the shape forever.

    Thank you for sharing on TBT Fashion linkup and hope to see you Thursday.



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