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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Airport Ready

similar Cardigan / Pants / Boots / Lips Circe (LSS522) NYX
I found this cardigan at Nordstrom Rack and love it!  So much so that I texted my girl-friend and asked if she would get me another while I was in Kansas!  She was with me with I purchased it and knew exactly where to find the other color options!

Flying Tips!
Flying is stressful!  Do I have time to eat? Do I want to eat?

Here are some awesome things I discovered that came in handy.....
1. "Airplane" Liquor bottles do go through security!  Hello screw driver!  Just buy Orange Juice and you will have a pre-flight relaxer for under $5!
2. Food goes!!!  I packed trail mix, pita chips, oh and McDonald's cheese burger!  Don't pay airport prices on food!
3. ALWAYS take an empty water bottle!  They even have water dispensers to fill them now!
4. Get a battery backup!  I snagged one at TJ Maxx for $13 and it helped me so much while playing music and games in between flights!

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