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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Staying Focused When.....

If you read my blog regularly you know I work full time, part time, and am in college.  Oh let's not forget I am married and in my 30's.  I'm not looking for a pat on the back - sometimes you do what is necessary to better your life!  Yes my husband works, he is in construction.  If you know anyone in his field you know the winter is harder to get work.  My full time job pays the bills (of course his contributes) and what little shopping I can do.  My part time job I really enjoy (Elderly Care Giving) and is what I call my grocery money.  Hopefully I will graduate next semester!  I am so close to the end of my AA degree (Associates in Accounting).  I chose to go to a Community College first to make sure I could 1-stick through it and 2-get good grades.  I am happy to say I have a 3.28 GPA!  Not bad for this working lady, oh and let's not forget my theory on CC - those who can't do teach at community college!  Let me just say my Government and Not For Profit 'professor' needed me to explain a property lien to the class (I use to work non-profit accounting and knew more than the instructor).  Anyhow, I am rambling!  Sorry......

Back to the point!  Staying focused (you ask what do I know based on the above paragraph) - to me getting through a day where I am working both jobs and have a paper due or a test to study for plus I'm tired cause my hubby kept me up at night coughing.  Well I make lists!  I take time for myself!  I set goals!  For keeping my life in order (I found I was forgetting simple things like why did I stop at the grocery store?) I use this daily note to keep track of my To-Do's, Tasks, etc.  Typically I will sit down on Sunday and write out things for the week.  Granted this is a daily note pad but if I can see my week as a whole it is so much easier!  Second, I keep a calendar (typically a free one from one of the places I donate send me, gotta love free).  On my calendar I write my PT schedule (helps the hubby to), events we have committed to, and any appointments (vet, dentist, etc).
I also have a duplicate calendar on my phone for easy access!  Now that the general part of my life is in writing, cause I always forget! Let's move on to blogging!  I try to plan some outfits that are new for the blog, cause let's face it if I could wear yoga pants or leggings with the same couple of tops I would!  Blogging in a way keeps my wardrobe on rotation and causes me to make an effort when getting dressed!  see this blog about getting out of a slump!  I recently purchased this blog planner and it has made the world of difference in my content and focus!  I apologize for lacking on content lately!  Also, to make things fun!  I use a BRIGHT Pink pen when filling in both my 'daily' planner and blog planner!
Let's just say my biggest problem with staying focused is to remember I need time for myself!  So I take 1 full day and a half day off work a month.  On this day I do fun things that aren't school or work related till 3!  Last time I explored my town and found some new fun things!  Also, I spend a little money on things to help me!  Like I have a maid, for $65 every two weeks they clean my whole house (it's a small house) and I don't have to think about it!  Also, I go once a week (for only $7) and have my nails painted.  The lady I see is real quick so I typically go on my lunch break and I can bring my own polish!  This is a must because I am terrible when it comes to chipping polish.  Also, I schedule meet ups with girlfriends.  Even if it's 30 minutes it makes me slow down and relax!  Bonus one of my friends takes these picture's so two birds - one stone!  I get girl time and blog pics!  YAY!
I use these perfect letter trays (love they have handles) to keep blogging, bills, and school work organized on my desk.  I love I can stack them on top of each other to save space!  Most Sunday's I grab the appropriate tray and sit on my front porch watching the sun rise and getting organized for my week!

Now to just loose some weight so I can fit in my favorite jeans!  lol wish me luck!
I hope this helped you figure out how to keep organized and focused when the crazy hits your life!

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  1. Sounds like you have your calendar and organization system down to an art! I think I'm getting there but need another visual calendar. Hopefully someone will send me a free one.;-) Those plaid booties are too cute!
    Gina - On the Daily Express


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