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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Simple yet Classic

Hello October - how'd you get here so fast?????

 I couldn't begin to tell you why my mouth is open in the pic above.  However it's a great pic of my outfit so I thought I would use it anyhow!
 Standing on gravel in heels is not easy.... 
 Jeans Zara / Top / Heels very old loving/ Lip MAC "Flat Out Fabulous"

You don't see me in glass' very often but I cut my eye somehow on Monday and was in serious pain when I took these, just before going to the eye doctor.  So fun!  To top it off I had a big test in Advanced Managerial Accounting which I couldn't miss.  Totally turned out to be a eh day, but I got to wear jeans so I was happy.  My motto lately is look at the bright side of things!!

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  1. I think your glasses look cute and your outfit is the perfect mix of dressy/casual for just about any occasion!
    Gina - On the Daily Express


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