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Monday, October 27, 2014

New Week - New Recipe and Fall Fav's

Welcome to the 3rd edition of New Week!

Chonc Fritters
First WOW!  I have had these in the Caribbean and had no clue I could make them at home with ease.
This is what raw Chonc looks like - it is a very very tough muscle

 Fresh Chonc - at least 1 will yield 10 + fritters
Bag of Hugh Puppy Mix
Old Bay Seasoning
Cooking Oil (your choice)

Slice Chonc long ways in three sections.
Beat the living hell out of the chonc (this is the fun part)
Then slice the Chonc into tiny bit size pieces.
Remember the larger the chunk the more you will have to bite it when eating the fritter.
Mix batter according to the instructions, add Old Bay for flavor, add chonc (slowly and fold into batter).  Drop large spoonfuls of batter into hot oil and fry until brown (flip over to ensure thorough cooking).
So simple and everyone who tried them LOVED them!  Can be served with Tarter Sauce.

My sweet husband said "We don't eat beans when we're broke, we eat Chonc Fritters!" LMAO
This is a super cheap appetizer!  Chonc was around $1, Batter Mix was about $5!  Plus I have left over batter for additional fritters!  Approx - $2 per 12!

Nutrition: House-Autry Mix - 100 Calories, 1g Total Fat, 440mg Sodium, 21g Carb 2g Dietary Fiber 1g Sugar 2g Protein

Now on to my Fall Fav's

I have a pair of Leather front leggings by MK and love them.  These side panel will be a staple in my closet as well!  This bag and hat are perfect accessories for Fall (plus the bag looks like the Valentino one I could never afford).  Finally who doesn't love that perfect grey color for Fall?  This color is 5 Free and lasts all week for me!  With code EDF10 you can get 10% off "Stone" - just message Bobbie at GG Indie Polish and request this color (tell her where you heard about it)!

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