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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Exploring your Town / City!

Last Friday I took the day off work.  I had a few errands to run and things to do.
I met up with my mom at a new place (to me) in Carr Mill Mall called Oasis!  It was the best place to meet; we drank tea, ate hummus and talked.  I found Oasis via Amazon Local Deals!  Love this site!  I get daily emails with deals by local companies.  From dinner to car inspections!  Love a good deal.
The atmosphere is very zen feeling!  We sat next to the stage in these comfortable cushy chairs (not shown).  After tea with my mom I went to get a polish change at a new to me nail salon.  The lady was so nice and it took very little time to get in and out (which I like).  On my way to the salon I let GPS guide me and actually took a road I had not before.  Where I saw this cute "house" and a sign that said local fresh ice cream!  Um yes please!  This place is called Johnny's Gone Fishing.  Being it was like 2pm on Friday afternoon they were pretty empty so I was able to chat with the girl working there.  I ended up trying the Bourbon Caramel ice cream (YUM!) and checking out the local items for sale!

There was Chai Spice Peanut Butter!  It was $11 per jar so I didn't get any but I have been thinking about it, a lot!  They also had these yummy smelling candles in tea cups, so cute!  Anyhow, I was excited to venture out in my town and discover some new places!  These are great little fun places to take friends or visiting family!  I love showing my town off but am at a loss for where to go sometimes!  Have you ventured out to see what is new in your area?

Have you ever wanted to shake things up a bit?
Well that's where is outfit came from - shaking things up!  After my exploration day I was able to pull out of my "funk" and dive back into my closet and creak some new looks with pieces I already have.

I totally stepped out of my box with the red lips and loved it.  I noticed more people looked at me and smiled when I was out for lunch.  It was a little strange but made me smile!

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  1. I love your red lips and all of your accessories! Oasis looks like a fabulous spot, perfect for a little mother, daughter time.


    1. Thank you Brooke! It was a great place to have tea with my mom!


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