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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A day of many things

 Jeans Ditto similar / Sweater H&M old similar / Flats

Yesterday was a bit crazy......Work, then School, then to meet a friend who got tied up.  I found I really enjoy sitting in a coffee shop sipping on cider, while reading a book and people watching.  I sat in this little coffee shop after school for about an hour and really enjoyed relaxing.  A friend was going to get picture's of me but she got tied up at work by a last minute client.  No worries though, I got these pictures with my trusty tri-pod!  Sadly the lighting wasn't ideal, in between normal high and sunset casts a harsh light that is hard to work with.  I am loving these cooler temps and will be sad that they get near the 80's today.  My sweaters have been calling!
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