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Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Par-Tay

To say I pretty much fell apart last week is an understatement.  I totally crashed yesterday.  I only tell you so you know why I was MIA last week on the blogging front.
So the previous weekend my Mother had an anniversary party to celebrate 1 year of marriage to her husband.  My aunts and godparents were there, it was nice to catch up.  In an effort to look nice here is what I wore.

 I SO love this Kimono from The Mint Julep Boutique!  The print is blurred a little which gives it a soft look.
Kimono  /  Romper similar here, here, & here /  Flats

I mentioned on FB last week that I have been able to loose a few pounds.  My average (ideal) weight is 130, I look healthy at this weight and feel good about myself.  I discovered a few months ago I had gone up to 150!  I was shocked and frankly a little depressed.  Then in the past week I weighed myself again and found I was 160.  This is unacceptable to me.  I am unable to button most of my pants and frankly feel down about my weight.  I have been trying to loose weight but between work and school trying to change my eating and exercise (non-exercise is more like it) habit.  It's very hard to do, add in some depression and stress I all but came apart last week.  I worked all weekend to get my mind and health back on track.  I'll keep you posted through the week on how I am doing.  I hope by holding myself to blogging each day that I can keep my mood up and my eating down!
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  1. Hi Hon,
    YOu look lovely. I hope you had a nice time at your moms party. Love the kimono with the black romper. I always find that finding something I enjoy that doesn't feel like exercise makes me want to do it more If it feels like a chore, I wont want to do it. I love biking and swimming. Do you like either of those.I live in the Carolinas and there are some nice days to bike. Just thinking out loud. Hope you feel well!!
    from the link up

    please stop by, jess

    1. You are SO sweet Jessica!!! I love to swim, but there aren't many pools where I live so I wasn't able to partake this summer. As for bike riding.....after a terrible accident when I was 13 and several stitches I have not gotten back on a bike. I have been keeping my eye out for an elliptical that I can purchase cause I know I will use it at home (it's what I prefer when I can actually make it to the gym).
      xo, Lee


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