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Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Game's

I love football, NFL to be precise.  Growing up we had one TV and my brother and Dad watched the NFL all day Sunday.  You could either watch with them or do something else.  I enjoyed watching and learning the game.  Till this day I enjoy the game of football.  I don't follow one team, I don't know who the players are, I don't care to know.  All that would just take away from the memory of watching with my Dad and Brother!  So when my husband and I were invited to watch Football at his co-workers house I was like cool.  Food, Football, Company!  Should be fun.  However, since I am not into one specific team I wasn't sure what to wear.  It's not like I was going to represent.....

I had only been to this person's house once.  His wife was very lovely, and we enjoyed talking.  I couldn't remember though if the house was warm or cool.  I hate not being comfortable, and since the wife is so Not into fashion I wasn't worried what I wore.  I threw this together cause I can be warm or cool depending on the house.
 Fav maxi dress with a side slit from Target
 Added this H&M sweatshirt that has built in A/C!  hello being able to cool off!
 Flip flops so I can curl up on the couch.
 And I'm ready for some Footy-Footy-Football!!!

Maxi Target old similar / sweatshirt H&M last year / Lip "Rebel" MAC (felt it was appropriate!)

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  1. My parents are big Steeler fans as we grew up in Pittsburgh, we have quite a few here too in Charlotte. Love this on you, those sleeves are so cool!
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess

    1. Thank you Jessica! Yeah Football is fun no matter who you are pulling for!
      xo, Lee


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