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Monday, September 8, 2014

Summer to Fall

Fall, Oh Fall how I enjoy you and dread you.  After Fall is Winter and I am not a fan of Winter.
Too cold for this gal.  This weekend was "The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly"

The Good: Had Sushi date night with my hubby.
Raised all the money for Eeyore's surgery!
Met my Nana for brunch Saturday and she took these pictures for me.
The Bad: Had class Saturday in a room that was 60 degrees!  Brrrrr
The Ugly: I will spare you on this one ;)

If your in Durham, NC and want a good place to eat that is fun check out Fosters on 15-501!
Love this place.  There is seating all over and such a wide variety of food - yum!

Leather Ponte Pants /  High-Low Tank / Slip on Sneakers / Jacket

When in a freezing class in the middle of a 90+ degree day of course you wear a coat!  I love this coat!  You may remember it from my Nordstrom Story post here.  Was over the moon at how inexpensive it was.  Plus it's light weight which is perfect for Carolina winters!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Can you put up a link to Eeyore's facebook page? I'd like to keep up with his surgery and recovery.

      Here is his page.

  2. That coat is amazing!!! and yay for raising money for the surgery!


  3. Love your look! I will never understand why they keep class rooms so cold!!


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