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Monday, September 22, 2014

Nail Reviw

I can chip any polish in an hour of it being put on.  I also have very weak nails that crack and peel easily.  I have tried ALL kinds of things but I have accepted my nail status, hell I couldn't get all the good stuff!  I got the long thick (very thick) hair, my Sister got the long healthy strong nails!
Anyhow, I decided to try the "Gel" craze.  However I did learn you have to go back and it strips your nails off when you get them done at the Salon.  With weak nails I couldn't take that risk, so when I saw an at home gel polish that didn't require a light or some crazy process to remove it I was all over it.  A chance to have my polish last a "few" days.  Now I didn't get all crazy thinking the polish would last a full 10 days, but hell anything would be better than the hours I was currently getting.
Preface - I typically use Essie, and CND polishes.

First on the chopping block - Revlon
I purchased the color seen above along with the setting top coat.  Sadly these polishes give little instructions, was I suppose to let each coat dry?  Will it dry on it's own?  Does the Top Coat need to be applied Daily?  Is the top coat required to set the polish?  So I winged it with no answers to my questions......Sadly this polish lasted a day!  It was easy to remove and I applied the top coat to Tacky nails.  All in all I was disappointed.  I had expected it to last a little but it chipped very easily.  I even reapplied the top coat to the nails that didn't chip and they chipped as well.  Not worth the money in my book!

 Second on the chopping block Sally Hansen
I got the color shown above.  First I love the color and got compliment after compliment on it!  Second it lasted three (3!!) Days before showing signs of break down!  I did the same routine of applying the top coat to tacky nails and honestly it set up pretty quick.  I am always one to test if my polish is "set" so I can go about my life or sit waiting.  No Patience in this area.  I have it down to an art as to when I can do things with my hands once my nails are painted.  Anyhow, this was a good deal to me!  Three days with no touch up or fixing one or two fingers is big in my crazy world.  Totally worth the purchase and would love to hear how long yours lasted!!

Third up CND
This is a polish used by professionals, I purchased this color (perfect nude) along with this weekly top coat I got about two days with this polish.  Sadly because it's nude a chip isn't noticeable right away, which is why I say "about".  I do love that it's not noticeable especially when I notice a BIG chip while at work and there is nothing I can do about it.

I know - if polish doesn't last for me why bother?  Well remember when I said my nails are weak and split easily?  Polish actually helps my nails be stronger and not constantly break.

Would love to hear your thoughts!  Have you tried either of these? 

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  1. I have weak nails also and my polish usually only lasts a day before it chips. I got the Sally Hansen gel polish set in my Ipsy bag this month and love it! My polish lasted 3 days and was easy to remove.


  2. I love Essie colors- but the polish chips so bad! Sometimes the cheap polish lasts longer- like Ice and Rimmel. There is this amazing topcoat called Seche Vite. It smells like a chemical explosion- but makes a manicure look shiny and thick like gel and last a while.

    1. Where I do agree with you about cheap polish Emily, anytime I have tried Rimmel it has stained my nails. :( I will have to check out Seche Vite!! Thanks!

  3. great for fall!
    xo Jessica


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