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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hello World

When I was feeling down last week I went shopping.  I picked up this top and not only do I feel amazing in it but my hubby likes it.  Know how I know he really likes it?  Cause he told me both times I wore it!  I love my man so much but sometimes he doesn't remember some of the clothing I have.
My title is how I felt this top greeted me "Hello World"!  It's So bright and fun!

 Added this old Target cardi for a work appropriate look.

 Top in stores at Fab'rik / Polka Pants / Orange Flats old similar

So I have failed this week on getting to the gym.  Monday I had my car in the shop for routine work and therefore was tied to other people's time schedules for rides.  Tuesday was school and I was spent (done, fanito) after class.  I have continued to take the Slim Quick Pills and have tried to watch my food intake, currently holding at 158lb.  Sadly I have a feeling some of my weight is from the Alcohol intake.  I discovered a new drink and love to have one after work!  It's Whipped Vodka with Orange Juice......tastes like a cream-sickle desert (YUM!)

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  1. Gotta love getting compliments from the husband! Mine doesn't really pay particular attention to what I wear so if he ever does compliment something, I remember it forever!
    Gina - On the Daily Express


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