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Monday, August 18, 2014

Random Fun Things!

Happy Monday!  Hope your weekend was great!
Thanks for being patient as I took a short break last week!

 First up  Lay's limited edition chips.
So I have seen the commercials for these new flavors.  I was so excited to get the Mango Salsa and the Wasabi Ginger....Sadly my local Food Lion & Target only had the Cappuccino.  I probably wouldn't have purchased these if they had the other flavors, so I guess in a way I'm glad this was all they had.  These taste like yummy coffee!  Perfect breakfast chip!  I can't eat too many of them because they are rich, but it has been fun trying them and offering them to my co-workers to try.

I'm heading to Harris Teeter to track down the other flavors ASAP.  Will let you know!

So I debated for months about purchasing a Tory Burch bag.  Let's face it spending over $120 on a purse is HUGE for me.  Usually I only get Michael Kors because I can find them at TJ Maxx for less and he's one of my favorite designers.  So imagine my shock when after only a 3 months of using this TB purse it starts to come apart!  I immediately emailed the repair department for TB.  After 3 days they replied and said they would give me a refund and sent me a UPS shipping label!  I mean no offer to repair or even replace?  WTF Tory?  Coach will repair ANY bag.  MK will repair or replace.

It makes me wonder though, if this bag came apart so easily what happens with the $500 bags?  Doesn't seem to me the quality is in line with the price.  None of my MK bags have failed or had any problems and I use the heck out of them!  So my final assessment on Tory Burch - Not worth it.  There are better brands out there!

I went to my FAV store Fab'rik and got a new bag that I love!  Plus their clearance was BOGO so I got a dress for Free as well (will show later this week).
I have been doing new styles with my hair and loving them.  My hubby loves them as well - he keeps telling me how nice my hair looks or how pretty I am when I fix it.  Not that he doesn't tell me I'm pretty all the time, I just get an extra grrr.  Anyhow, so I have been doing my hair on the bigger side.  I got to thinking the other day about a phrase I heard somewhere "The bigger the hair the closer to God you are".  Which made me smile because I feel like things are finally calming down a little in my life and the stress is starting to go away!  I learned how to do this particular style here.

Sorry this picture is a bit grainy.  It was taken with my phone and my new TimerCamera app!  I love love love this!  I propped my phone on a small table we have outside that a planter is on and hit the picture button, then I have 10 seconds to stand.  The best part is I can see myself on the screen so I know how to stand and how far away to be for the picture I want.  Totally Rocks!

Ok so I was flipping through Instagram and saw someone post about this Wal-Mart vest for $9.98!  It looks somewhat similar to the J Crew vest currently back in stock for $78!  I was like No Way!  Well the Wal-Mart vest is only available online, so I went ahead and ordered it.  I figure I can always return it to the store if the quality is too cheap.  I always kick myself for not getting the Target look alike vest last year but what can I do?  I will let you know once the vest arrives what I think of it!

I am SO excited to have a guest on my blog!  Tomorrow Zil will talk about her all natural mineral makeup (HOME MADE Ya'll!) and how she makes makeup that are in line with Bare Minerals and Tarte.

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  1. Replies
    1. Yes Chiara, the chips taste like cappuccino!

  2. Such a bummer about your bag, but I'm glad you found a new one at Fab'rik! I'm loving your hair like that!!


  3. I like your cuffed trousers and blue nail polish! Pretty hair too!

  4. I am surprised to hear those chips taste pretty good, haha! I love coffee so now I may have to give them a try!


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