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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nordstrom Fun

This post is a ton of cool fun clothes and a story.  Hope you enjoy!!

My Nana is so kind, loving, and giving!  She will go out of her way for someone she cares about.  Which is the main reason she and I are so close and adopted each other as family.  We both have big hearts and give (too much sometimes) to others!
This past weekend was one of those giving times for my Nana.  She agreed to take someone to lunch as a favor to someone else.  This someone is very self absorbed and can be draining to be around.  When I heard my Nana tell me she was going to lunch I suggested "crashing" her lunch and helping her through it.  She was so excited and we planned how I would 'bump' into her with (Oh No) a cancelled lunch date at the same restaurant. LOL - we can be devious...........

Insert my 'Diva' pic!  Love this fur vest!!!
Anyhow, lunch was at The Bistro in Nordstrom.  I was 'shopping' (aka staying hidden for the right moment) and then made my approach.  Nana turned and called my name, in which I acted surprised to see her (the guest doesn't know our connection or closeness).  I introduced myself to the lunch guest, then asked what they were doing there.  Nana - "We're having lunch"  Me - "Oh, would you mind if I joined you?  I was meeting a girlfriend here and she just cancelled on me.  I debated on eating alone but this works out perfectly".  Nana - "We'd love to have you join us".  Of course the guest made a crack that they eat alone quite often but would be happy for me to join them.  I just ignored her.  Later I decided she probably eats alone because people can only take so much of her "Me" talk.  Can you say indigestion?

Drooling over this jacket!!!

We ordered lunch and sat down.  From the start the lunch guest talked Non-Stop!  Now do you know about Introverts / Extroverts?  Well my Nana and I are both Introverts.  We get very tired/drained in loud and very talkative situations.  This is the main reason I don't eat in restaurants during a normal meal times.  Needless to say having a lunch guest who talks non-stop about themselves (can you say self absorbed) can be extremely tiring (aka my ears were chewed).  I tried many times to talk and after a few words the guest would chime in with something about herself.  I joked later I should have played the drinking game with this guest......Several words you can drink to are: Neurosurgeon, Tennessee, The Keys, Tom Petty, and General Name dropping!  I would have needed a bottle of wine to keep up during the 1 hour lunch!

This was how I felt at lunch (in store's only)

So after lunch we parted ways with said guest and decided to blow off some 'steam' and try on clothes!  My Nana loves taking pictures of me and finding neat things for me to try on.  We have fun and put everything back.  The sales ladies were asking about the picture's and my Nana said "It's so we don't impluse shop and make sure we really like something before purchasing it".  I love how she quickly thinks on her feet like that.  See I don't always like to tell people I write this blog.  Sometimes I do but sometimes I don't.  In general people just don't get blogging let alone about fashion.

Warning - All picture's are on the smaller side than normal due to being taken by iPhone (too grainy if too big)
Gosta try a little bling for my hair!
 Shorts and Tank (both clearance in store)
 Kimono in stores for $38
Not smiling cause Nana was having issue with my phone and I wasn't sure if she was taking picture's.  This was the best of this Kimono.  You can only stand still smiling while people stare for so long. lol
 Fringe Kimono seriously love this one!
 Perfect Fall Kimono
 Jacket (unable to find online at Nordstrom or The Rack) similar options here, & here
Remember yesterday when I talked about customer service?  Well this is what I am referring to!
This jacket was on a sales rack.  I tried it on and immediately fell in love!  I didn't see a price so I asked the sales lady helping us.  I expected her to say it was around $160!  She came back and told me it was $80, that it had been purchased online and returned to the store.  I smiled, thanked her, and put it back on the rack.  Nana and I picked out a few more things to try and went to the fitting room (swoon - it had a stage in front of these HUGE mirrors).  While showing off the clothes to Nana the sales lady came in with the jacket, said she double checked and the jacket was marked down from $80 to $30 and was being 'racked' (as in Nordstrom Rack).  I hugged her, which I think shocked her.  Then asked Nana if I could get it.  See Nana put me on a shopping Freeze after my last trip to Fab'rik! (Oops)  I asked the sale lady later and she said no one has ever hugged her before.  I laughed and said that I was just SO excited and thanked her for double checking.  Now in any other department store they would not have gone that extra step!
 Top and Skirt (see the stage)

Hope you enjoyed the story and my shopping finds!

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