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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mineral Makeup

I am ALL about empowering women around me!  I think women in general don't support each other enough in new adventures or different thing because it may not be what we choose for ourselves.
With that said I want to give a short intro to my guest blogger today.  She does Not have a blog of her own but I keep encouraging her to start one!  Meet Zil, she is in her early 20's, graduated from Elon University in Accounting and in the process of taking her CPA exam!  This girl rocks on the intelligence front!  So how do I know Zil?  We work together.  It was a rocky start because we are very different in how we approach things, but we have become fast friends!  Girls gotsta stick together in the "man" world!
Anyhow, when Zil told me she was going to be making her own mineral makeup I was like What? Who does that?  Then she told me about being All Natural and how she can control what goes into her makeup.  I did some research and checked out the blogs she follows and found it was not only cool but totally cost friendly!  So without further rambling here is Zil!
There’s nothing more fun in the girlie world then playing with makeup. It’s like paint for grownups. I have never left Sephora without two arms covered in every color you can imagine of pencil, powder and liquid. But once I decided to go all natural I found finding makeup that didn’t have hardcore chemicals and was in my budget was pretty tricky. Tarte, Benefit, Bare Minerals and Josie Maran have some great products but throwing out your makeup and completely restocking with these lovely bad boys just wasn’t an option. Thanks to Marie (blogger at HumbleBee), I was able to make brand new makeup that I controlled exactly what’s in it, I get to customize every shade for what looks good on me and gram per gram it’s ridiculously cheaper. Here are three recipes that are all you need for your whole face. For the eye shadow grouping I made one light enough for highlighter, one that’s a nice neutral, one the proper shade for contouring, and one to fill in my eyebrows. That way you have four colors to do some eye and face sculpting. To make each item it’s pretty much a mineral smoothie, put all ingredients in the grinder, grind for a moment or two, check the color on your arm, and adjust as needed. For full instructions go to the provided links for each item. Links to the original products are also provided for your comparison. Ingredients can be purchased here.

Tools and Ingredients 

Cheap Coffee Grinder 
Cosmetic containers 
titanium dioxide
sericite mica
zinc oxide
magnesium stearate 
Kaolin Clay (the clay used in Tartes products) 
Aragon Oil ( move over Josie Maran) 
Oxides and Micas: Red, Yellow, Blue, Brown plus any additional colors or sparkles you’d like 

Mineral Veil Based on Bare Minerals Mineral Veil  $21

2 tbsp arrowroot starch or Corn starch
2 tbsp sericite mica
1 tsp silk peptide
1 tsp kaolin clay
¼ tsp magnesium stearate
20 drops aragon oil
Red, yellow, and brown oxides; as needed

Clay Blush Based on Tartes Amazonian 12 Hr clay blush  $26 
2 tsp titanium dioxide
3/4 tsp sericite mica
1 tsp zinc oxide
1/4 tsp magnesium stearate
2tsp Kaolin Clay
5 Drops Aragon oil
Oxides as needed

Eyeshadow based loosely on 7 Ways to Bare $38 

1 tsp titanium dioxide
2 tsp sericite mica
1 tsp silk powder
1 tsp magnesium stearate
1 tsp Kaolin clay
5 drops argan oil
Oxides and Micas

I hope you enjoyed learning from Zil today!  I am very impressed at what she has created and how much it enhances her natural features!  Now to get her to package and sell this!  I'm on a mission folks :)
For questions you can contact Zil on her FB Page
Close up of her makeup on

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  1. How awesome that you can make your own makeup! Thanks for sharing!!! :)


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