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Friday, August 8, 2014

Makeup 101

So I have learned a lot about makeup and am still learning.
My mother never wore makeup much - mainly lipstick, eyebrow, and some eyeshadow.
My sister wasn't into makeup either.  So when I decided I wanted to wear makeup I had to start from ground zero and learn everything through trial and error.  I watch a lot of Beauty on YouTube, but these ladies went to Cosmetology school......
 I learned so much but I needed more information.
So first up on my information seeking mission was Brushes!
What does each brush do?  Why do I need so many?

So my husband purchased me a Lancome set for Christmas a few years ago and I love them.  However, there weren't enough brushes for my needs.  So I ordered this set above (good for learning and beginners). UPDATE: Brush Set is cheap and falling apart after 2nd use! Here is what came with the set and what each brush does!

1 x Powder/complexion brush
1 x Blush brush
1 x Bronzer/shimmer fan brush
1 x Foundation brush
1 x Concealer brush
1 x Eye shadow blending brush
1 x Eye shadow detail brush
1 x Eye shadow smudge brush
1 x Eyeliner brush
1 x Angled brow/liner brush
1 x Lip brush
1 x Grooming spooley brow brush
1 x Lash/brow brush
1 x Slotted Case Pouch

Fan Brush - This brush actually has several uses. it can be used to apply blush, blend, clean up excess powder and highlight cheekbones.
Powder Brush - This is the most common of all brushes and should be in every makeup collection. It should be used to apply any type of powder foundation product.
Stippling Brush - This brush is a blend of synthetic fibers and goat hair. It is used for light powder, liquid or cream products. It can give you an airbrushed look when used with powder.
Concealer Brush - This firm, narrow brush is tapered at the end and allows you to brush on concealer in a concentrated area.
Flat Brush - Used to apply foundation: powder, compressed powder, or even liquid

Being I have very full eyebrows I don't use any of the eyebrow tips I have learned online.  I don't want mine to be any fuller.  As for my Eye lashes!  I did finally pick up a eyelash curler ($1 Target ELF), which I am figuring out.  As for Eye Lashes!!!!  Here is what I found works best....  I use a normal mascara to "lengthen" and separate my lashes before applying this killer mascara from Benefit!  This mascara makes them POP!  I got this originally as a sample to try and have used it all up, so I ordered more!  Best part is for my Birthday (since I signed up online) I got a free gift of other products when I ordered another They're Real!

My foundation, bronzer, blush, and finishing!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE MAC Pro Longwear.  I have very oily skin in my T zone.  I went to Nordstrom and met with my MAC lady Ashli.  She and I talked about my skin and what I was looking for.  We decided the NC20 was best for me.  I use my Flat brush to apply to my face, then I add bronzer on my cheek bones and hair line.  Right now I am using Jane Bronzer (from Ulta about a year ago).  For my blush I am loving a Julep (came in my monthly polish box) in peach.
For my eyes - I used Urban Decay primer.  Makes my eye shadow stay and pop!  I used Mary Kay undereye concealer, and Neutrogena concealer on my upper cheek bones.  Finally I set all my makeup with first NYX finishing powder (helps it all blend and look polished), then Urban Decay Setting spray (major necessity to control oil).  

I love! NYX eyeshadow sets..... Right now I am using Bossa Nova and En Fuego.

What is your routine?  What do you love?  Please pass along any idea's or tips!  Here are the beauty channels I am currently watching:

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  1. I love makeup but I have never understood what each and every brush is for. I think it would be beneficial to learn finally after all these years...


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