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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

From One to Another and so on....

Jeans Fab'rik / Tee Target / Slip ons Target
Vest Wal-Mart (J Crew)

O.M.G. - Tuesday was so crazy I thought (aka hoped) it was Wednesday!  Bare with me as I go through this with you.... Awoke at 6:15am (I don't have to be at work till 9!), fought with my computer for about 20min, then got dressed for work.  I changed 3 times before I found something that would work for my bouncy day.  Get to the office and bang out some work, about 9:30 my boss calls to say she won't be in.  No biggie, I can handle things.  Until we are notified an Audit will happen tomorrow!  The owner wants my boss in ASAP, however she won't answer her phone.  Finally get up with her and she comes in just in time for me to leave for my class.  Go to school, NO PARKING! drive around for about 5 min till one opens up.  Enter class to find the professor has already begun (early).  At least I am prepared for the lesson. (whew) Get done with class and rush home to take my kitty to the vet.  Vet's office has a computer crash and they don't know who has appointments when, plus our normal vet is on vacation (which they didn't tell me when I made said appt).  Sit in the room for 30min, hello now I'm late for my Part Time job.  Go to front desk and say I can't wait....reschedule.  Rush home to drop off poor kitty, only to be real late for work.  Show up late = Stay later.  Don't actually get home till 8:45....So tired.  The maids come tomorrow, which means I have a little pre-cleaning to do.  I pay a very low rate if I prep a few things before they come.  Then I sit down to write said blog (which I love doing).  Oh my.  Remind me not to do this type of day again!  I am not sure if I even ate, other than gummies and carrots.

K nuf bout that!  So this vest....what to say about this vest.  I ordered it because it's not available in stores.  In pictures it's very similar to the J Crew vest.  Being I haven't seen the J Crew vest in person I have no idea if they are actually similar.  However, this vest is $10!  I will add some black piping to make it look more like the J Crew vest.  All in all I'm happy.  It's a slick material like a ski jacket would be, and cute for Fall/Winter!

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  1. love the stripes with the cute leopard slip ons, a great invention dont you think! I also realy like the vest that you can transition nicely into fall
    from the link up

    please stop by, jess

    1. I love slip ons Jessica!!! Thank you, I am excited for Fall this year!

  2. Replies
    1. They are SO comfortable and SO affordable Chiara!

  3. Stripes are my favorite! And the leopard shoes are genius with this!


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