Wine & Couture: Big Hair and Pouty Lips
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Big Hair and Pouty Lips

Good Morning Ladies!  I hope your Monday was good.
I wanted to follow up on my makeup post from Friday with some new things I have learned!
First - My hair!  I love how big and chic this style is.  I watched Ciaoobelllaxo's YouTube tutorial.  I opted not to do the bang look like she did but everything else is the same.  Love how this was so easy but looks so chic!  Totally loving this new hairspray I purchased - TRESemme Finishing Spray with Climate Control and TREemme Extra Firm Hold (4).  As I styled my hair I used the Climate Control then the Extra Firm.  Will let you know if my curls hold in this humidity we have been dealing with.

Second - My lips!!  So excited to try a new lip color that honestly feels like chap stick!  My lips are so moist. Learned about the Whisper color here (emilynoel83) and how to pout my lip with liner here (Tati). Real quick if you can't watch the video's - for pouty lip simply use a lip liner on the bottom center just below your actual lip.  Then add lip color.  Whatever you do DON'T line your whole lip.  Just the center bottom and if you need definition the center of the top lip.  Seriously love how this looks on me (see above).  Also you can see how all the makeup I mentioned Friday looks applied!  I want to also do a follow up on the brush set - DON'T BUY IT!  The bristles are falling out after two uses, and they are so thin very little makeup actually gets applied.  Will work on finding good brushes that are inexpensive but high in quality for you!

Maybelline Pin Up Peach

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  1. Your hair and makeup look gorgeous here, Lee! I am seriously impressed with the volume you can get considering the humidity (and rain) where you are! I will have to check out that tutorial. Relax and enjoy your blogging break this week (it's summer...I swear it drains the blogging brain!) and we'll catch you on Monday!
    Gina - On the Daily Express


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