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Monday, August 25, 2014

Addiction Alert

Sadly customer service no longer exists.  Many companies are too worried about the bottom line and having people actually show up for work that they have let their CS go away.  There are very few places anymore where people actually want to help you and not for a commission.  One is Nordstrom, the other is Fab'rik!
I am addicted to shopping in Fab'rik.  If I have a limited budget or only want one thing the staff totally understand and don't push me.  I never leave feeling guilty of my purchase, and I totally love their styles.  Not to mention the price tag vs. quality factor!  Low price, High quality (unlike Tory).
Here is my latest love - these pants are so soft and comfortable.  I actually wore them two ways in one week!

Ring and Pants in stores Fab'rik / Heels Sam Edelman old / Top similar

I've said this before but I mainly shop online unless it's Nordstrom or Fab'rik!  Most visited online shops are J Crew Factory, Tradesy and Zara.  I have to admit though I got spoiled at Fab'rik, the ladies there are not pushy but so helpful and I can always find things in my price range that are high in quality.  I have a feeling most of my wardrobe will end up being all from Fab'rik and Nordstrom.  Love their sales, quality, oh and the Savvy Dept on Nordstrom online (all under $100!).

Anyhow, My life has been good.  Last week was my first week back to college.  I am taking three class' this semester.  I feel good being so close to the end of my program!  Just can't wait to start applying for my Bachelor's program!

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  1. I love fab'rik too! Aren't they great?!? These pants are so much fun and I love your pink top too!

  2. Love those pants! :)


  3. Oh yeah, so with you on the lack of customer service at a lot of places. I'm to the point where I refuse to shop anywhere with bad customer service anymore!

  4. I have not shopped at fab'rik before and I'll have to check them out! Your pants look so comfy and I love the neutral and pink combo!


  5. Your trousers remind me of a Karen Millen pair I had once, absolutely stunning with the rouching at the side.

    1. That's so awesome Lorna! I love these how comfortable and chic they are.

  6. Cute! The pink color in that top is gorgeous! Stopping by from the link up!

  7. love the pink on you! thank you so much for linking up with Rhea and I on style to inspire!



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