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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sneaky Sneakers

 I love the sun rising and good hair days!!

 I've mentioned before that I work at a CPA firm and well this is about as casual as I can get on Friday.
SNEAKERS!!!  Woot Woot

Dress / Shoes / Bag / Necklace gift / Lips MAC Saint Germain

I seriously love how these slip on sneakers are so chic!  I mean I threw them on with my Fav shift and with a cute necklace I looked dressed up.  These are sneaky sneakers, cause they don't jump out as sneakers!  I kinda wish I went a 1/2 size up because the material is very stiff and I got a terrible blister trying to break them in.  Needless to say I have to wait for my heel to well heal (lol love when that happens) and then I can try again.  I have even been tempted to do the ice trick.  The length is ok, slightly tight, but ok.  Anyhow, if you haven't ordered this dress yet you need to!  It has some spandex in it so it totally moves with me while maintaining shape!  I don't find it tight or clingy which is real nice.  I so want to order the black one, but I have to wait cause we had kitty teeth to take care of this month.  BTW - have you signed up for a Nordstrom debit card yet???  I think my testimony the last few posts is proof enough you should totally do it!  No I was not asked or approached by Nordstrom!  I just love the points and early access.


  1. That necklace is awesome!! What a nice gift. :) And you look great in orange! It's such a great color for summer.
    Gina -- On the Daily Express

  2. So happy to see these sneakers on you! I wear the heck out of my leopard ones and have been so tempted to get the black pair, too! Carylee |


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