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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Silk and Sneakers

Love this casual fun outfit.  So wore this Monday to work.

Shirt old similar / Shorts / Shoes / Lip color MAC Up the Amp

So we are dog sitting this week.  WOW - two dogs is defiantly our limit!!  My boss' dog is a 137 lab and she takes up some room in our tiny house.  At least both my boy (74lb) and my girl (45lb) get along just great with her.  I wonder if her weight causes her to not be as active.  We are working with her some on 'rules' of our house.  Like lay down, and not on the couch.  She is such a sweetie though.  I see no issue watching her in August when my boss goes to a conference.  Anyhow, this week is pretty uneventful.  I have been adjusting my diet some.  If things work I will have before and after pictures.  As well as what I ate.  I'm not big on exercise, so it will be interesting!

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  1. you look lovely! great outfit and i love your hat with it!


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