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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pinned it Did it. Stole it Tried it.

Maxi Target / Tank Fab'rik / Vest GAP Jacket I cut the sleeves off / Sandals Wal-Mart

So I got the idea for this outfit from Carylee from More Pieces of Me.  She did a Pinned it and Did it outfit and I totally hitched my wagon to her's and did it myself!
As you can see I went with the pinned style by adding a graphic tank and jean vest.  I was so excited to find this very old jean jacket in the back of my closet.  Sometimes this is why I hoard clothing.  So love Carylee's  (right) maxi with the wide stripes and how she knotted her chambray!  I actually did this the first time I wore this maxi to work.

This week has been chill.  Gearing up for my Birthday next week.  I kick off my B-day week with my event at Fab'rik Sunday!  Can't wait!!!  Then Wednesday (my actual b-day) I am having lunch with my Nana.  Then since I'll be in Durham I thought I'd check out my fav consignment shop.  Hello high end in my price range (ehm Duke students selling their stuff).  I was thinking my hubby and I would get Sushi for dinner, we will see how is day goes.
Have a great weekend!!


  1. Don't you love when you see a Pin and already have ALL the pieces? It makes me feel like I just went shopping for a new outfit, except I didn't have to spend any money! YES!! Glad that you have some fun activities lined up for you birthday!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  2. a) sushi sounds good all the time to me b) yay for August birthdays! c) YAY!! I'm so glad you found inspiration from my pin! Loved seeing your interpretation - definitely has the Lee twist on it! :)
    Carylee |

  3. Got to love pinterest... so much great inspiration! Love your maxi, it looks so cute and comfy.
    Chic on the Cheap


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