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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Room Make Over

I have been wanting to update MY room.  Yup I have a whole room.  One perk of no kids.
 So this table we got for Free when a Friend's stepson broke one chair and the wife flipped and bought a new table.  Oddly we didn't get any of the remaining 3 chairs.  For some reason she wanted to keep them.  Anyhow - I have lived with the yucky green legs for about 6 years.  I finally decided it was time for an update when I scored this killer lamp shade from Target for $12!  The lamp it self was free as well - it's a cool lamp just came with a dull shade.  Here is my "room" update for $35!

 I got this print and another on my wall on sale for $4 a piece and the frames I had.  I thought "Hello Beautiful" was perfect for my desk.
So every year for Christmas my sister sends me a gift card for Bed, Bath, and Beyond (so scared of the beyond section, lol).  I used the GC one year to get these curtains which I lurv!  The shiny and yellow hint in the green is perfection and I think it totally blends with the mint and blue.  I love depth to my colors.
 I have a problem spending money on technology!  We still have Tube TV's  I keep saying every year we will up grade to a flat screen but I find better things to spend our money on :)  I snagged this PC when I started school 5 years ago and it works just fine for me.  (with the help of Lightroom)
What you can't see behind the curtain is the kitty door my hubby built into the window....hense the cat food and water bowl.  Need a different plastic placemat (aka door mat).
 I have my mom's old dressing table stool (which I need to refinish and re-upholsterer
I currently use it to hold my printer, wireless internet, and of course my High Heel tape dispenser 
Next on my list is a new rug, and to refinish the top of the table.  I'm sure you saw some of the spots.
 Thought I would add a little beauty!  This is Sally Henson $7 GEL (yes GEL) nail polish.  NO light or setter needed.  I purchased it on a whim (dam you Target), and applied it Saturday.  I can chip ANY polish in an hour, not even trying!  So to get a polish that applied easily at home and lasted 3 (!!!!!) days without chipping is a miracle for me!  Not to mention it looks Just like Essie Tiny Bikini.  So love this shade.  I recommend trying it out!

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  1. Love that art print! Every woman should have that in her home.


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