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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Buyers Market

I mentioned before that we had to adjust our budget and my spending was cut way down.  With having little to spend on clothing, shoes, etc. I want to make sure I get the best for my buck.  I started thinking of where I shop and researched how I could get the most for my dollar.  Now mind you I am TERRIBLE with credit cards.  I mean max it out in a week and end up working with the company to try to pay it off which I am TERRIBLE at doing.  At least I know this about me.....I'm a cash only kinda girl!  Yes Yes we have an emergency credit card, it's in my hubby's name and he holds onto it.  Have I mentioned I have a shopping addiction?  I keep waiting for a camera crew and my family to be in my living room when I come home one day....Hello Intervention!  I am the kinda girl who can justify any purchase and make a "way" that I can afford said well I know it takes two months before the cable company will cut off our service.  Bad!  I know.  Honestly I couldn't tell you where I got it from.  I mean ever since I can remember I worked and did what I wanted.  OH, did I mention my dad would bail me out a time or two?  Maybe that's what the difference is.....he passed a while back (dom dom dom - not to be a debbie downer).  ANYHOW, like I was saying I want to get the most for my dollar when I do shop!  I can't (uh hu can't) do the credit thing.  So what are my options?  Well I found that almost all stores offer a debit card that has the same benefits as a credit card but it's linked to my bank account so I don't have to worry about paying a bill.

Enter my two fav stores!!!
Target and Nordstrom!  They both offer a debit card!  Best part is (at least at Target that it takes 48 hours for the debit to hit my bank)  I am not shy to admit we live paycheck to paycheck.  This will change with my CPA but for now it's what we deal with.  So back to the benefits!  With the Target debit card I get 5% off all my purchases, and Free Shipping online!  Seriously the best, I HATE paying for shipping.  Which is why I love Nordstrom!  They ship for free on any purchase!  So with their debit card you earn "notes" with every 2,000 you get $20 toward ANY purchase!  Along with early access to sales, VIP to events, etc!  How cool is that????

When it comes to saving you can get advice from everyone.....find what works for you!!  Right now I work on paying my bills on time.  I plan to start small with $20 a paycheck in an envelope or even a piggy bank.  However, it always seems something comes up.  A broken tooth, a belt for my car, a fur-baby to the vet, or heaven forbid a vacation!  I am a realist. So do what works for you, but at least check out your fav store for a debit card.  Most of them have them and you get all the benefits without the debt.

One last thing!  Consign......let it sink in a bit.  I consign. When I feel I can detach from a piece of clothing I take it to my consignment shop.  Typically I try to sell it online first ( Tradesy ROCKS! like they only take 10% where my local shop takes 60%).  It all depends on the hassle level I feel like dealing with.  You ask? What about Plato's closet where you get cash on the spot?  THEY SUCK!  I took J Crew, Michael Kors, and many other brands.....they didn't take a single item.  I took the same items to my local consignment shop and they not only took them they sold them.  Now I did get less money and it took a bit for them to sell but I wasn't in a hurry and it was nice when I checked my account after two months.  I am doing a little spring cleaning of my closet right now and will put a few of the higher end items on tradesy but the Target or non-brand items will go to my consignment shop.  So go through your closet if it doesn't fit well or you find you don't wear it capitalize on it and sell it!  We have a deal whatever I make from selling my items I get to keep for shopping.  Kinda like a recycle system.  It isn't really fair if I sell something and pay a bill with that money.  My hubby has the same deal and sometimes he will 'upgrade' his guitar or amp but swapping them out.  It works for us.  After 10 years (yup anniversary is this month!) we found what we can live with and what we are willing to give on.  Like he gives on my shopping and I try to be frugal.

Well thanks for reading and I hope you found something new to help you!


  1. Great tips, Lee! I love Target's red card too, and I really need to get the motivation to clean out my closet and sell some stuff online! Ugh. Thanks for the reminder!
    Gina -- On the Daily Express

  2. Plato's closet is definitely the worst at taking clothing. I don't know why! I really need to take some items to a local consignment shop.



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