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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

9th & Elm

I've mentioned 9th & Elm before... Seriously a great site!!!  Here are the two main items I got and why I love them!

Perfect tee for our anniversary - hello 10 years!

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Seriously Love love Love these flip flops!  They feel more grown up from the plain Old Navy one's.
9th & Elm has one of a kind items made by some amazing women.  Think of it like Etsy but with super powers!  I had such a hard time choosing what I wanted.  Between this tee and these flip flops I am so excited and looked totally cute for our Anniversary cookout.  So pop over to 9th & Elm and see what they have!
This tee is beyond cute and perfect!
Tee 9th & Elm c/o / Jeans / Flip Flops 9th & Elm c/o

We have been car shopping this week!  Two (2 - TWO yeah 2) days!!! I have spent at the dealership working the deal only to be given what I didn't want!  UGH.  We start again all over today with a different dealership.  WHY, I ask sillily (idk if real word and don't care), do they put a price on the vehicle if that isn't the actual price????  A $21k vehicle went to $25k with a $2,500 rebate bringing it to $22k!  When I asked about the $1k difference they said it was the extra's they did, like nitros in the tires.  Seriously pisses me off!  I'm an Accountant!  Not STUPID, and I know numbers - they don't add up!

Then in other crap news the vanity I found on Craigslist, too cute! btw, they decided to repaint it Lavender (OMG - WHY?) and add a bench - which increased the price by $55.  I was like I already have a bench and I wanted it white / distressed.  UGH I can't catch a break!  I was told to look on Craigslist for vanity tables and was so excited I found one close to my house (and for $40).  Sadly stuff happened and I couldn't make the time we agreed on so I rescheduled for a few days later.  I mean who does that????  If someone says they are interested why would you refinish the item and increase the price????  So beyond frustrating!
Sorry to be negative - it's been a trying week and it's only Wednesday!  God help me.

Sorry this was a debbie downer post.   Sometimes I have bad days where it feels everything goes wrong and everything I touch falls apart.  We decided to wait on buying a car.  I am going to keep looking on Craigslist, obviously that vanity wasn't for me and I will find a better one.

Oh an incase you wanted to know - Yes that's beer in my mason mug, and I'm drinking it with a straw. Ha

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