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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tips, Tricks, and Va Va Voom!

We will start with the 'Va Va Voom'.  That's how I feel when I wear this!  I found the romper on consignment (why they got rid of it I will never understand - maybe because it's hand wash only).

I love this romper because with a cardi or jacket I can wear it to work.
Photo's by Em Grey

Romper old loving / Fedora Fab'rik / Heels Sam Edelmen loving / Necklace similar  / Leopard Bracelet
Essie 'Marshmallow" polish / MAC 'Snap Dragon' with Whitening Lightening 'Fiji Exotic' lip gloss

Ok now for the Tips!
I LOVE Instagram.  I have said it before, even if you just follow your favorite boutiques you should have an account.  If you have one and post pics you NEED to get "Pic Stitch" (Free app but upgrade the $0.99 for added features).  This app does it ALL!  I can Sharpen, Brighten, Crop, Write, and Many other functions.  This app makes taking phone pics seem like childs play for the 'all thumbs' person.  I use it to fix pics I post, but I also use it to lighten or darken pics I share with family or keep private.  Even if you don't have/want and IG account this app is a must for the Mom who loves to snap and share pics!  You can blur out the background (aka focus) or fix a pic of your kid.  Seriously a must - NO I am not advertising for them I just thought it time I share some things that work Amazing for me!!!

I am going to share two tips today! OMG - I know.  Lightroom!  Yup Lightroom.  For $10 a month (cancel at any time) you can have the tools of photo shop without the expense or drain on your hard drive.  I snap all my pics with a Nikon point and click digital camera.  I have had it for 10 years and it works just fine for me.  I have thought of investing in a nicer camera for my blog but I don't know what to purchase or where to start.  Honestly I was thinking of taking a photography class and seeing what I learn before I try to purchase something I know very little about.  This is where Lightroom has saved me.  I can adjust the exposure, and make all kinds of 'professional' adjustments that my picture's need.  NO I am not being paid or asked to let you know about this.  I was struggling for a long time on how to make my picture's perfect without spending money I don't have.  I heard about Lightroom from a fellow blogger (Thank you Molly!), I signed up and tried my hand at it.  WOW my dark pictures became brighter without washing them out.  My 'over exposed' picture's were darkened and saved!  I mean for someone who doesn't have a ton of time or patience for insane programs (talking to you Photoshop) this program was easy to use and understand.  I am able to fly through my picture's in a matter of minutes and get a quality that I usually pay a professional photographer for!  Take my pic's Monday!  I took those on a very overcast day and with Lightroom I was able to make the blue POP, along with fixing the focus and general quality of my picture's.  I am still figuring out how to get good jewelry shots (if you have a tip please let me know).

Sorry this was a bit wordy but these tips work for everyone (even non-bloggers).

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  1. I love your heels today and boy, you are making me want to join Instagram just for the photo editing apps! LOL! I need some help in that department so I appreciate the reviews!
    Gina -- On the Daily Express

  2. I normally don't like rompers but I must say that you are one of the few who can pull them off! And is it just me or is everything 'handwash only' nowadays?

    1. You are so sweet. I'm not big into rompers (long torso) but occasionally I find one I like that is flattering!

  3. YAY!!! so glad you love Lightroom. BEST INVESTMENT EVER!

  4. Loving your romper, it was definitely a great find!! That last picture is amazing :)


  5. Such a cute romper on you! I love the color with your hair and skin color. Love your lip color too!

  6. That hat looks wonderful with that romper, you look fab!

  7. Is that location in Durham? Where?

    1. It's actually Raleigh right by Down Town

  8. I just discovered your blog and I can't stop scrolling down! What I really like about your blog is the great content and the beautiful pictures

    1. Monica! So glad you found my blog and like it! Thanks for leaving a comment and letting me know.
      xo, Lee


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