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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Things to KEEP doing when you turn 35!

My girl Whitney at IWYP wrote a post about an article on What to say Goodbye to when you turn 27.
I loved how Whitney went through said list and called out All the stupid things (basically the whole list)!
After reading Whitney's post I google searched for the actual list and was shocked at what it said.  Many of the comments said it was a Joke, or that it had to be a joke.  Honestly the way the girl wrote her list I feel she believes what she wrote.  Sadly though by talking about it we are giving her press.  So without further a due here is my List on what you should keep doing (or at least start) when you turn 35.

1. If you don't Day Drink, Start!
2. Always have Glitter on hand for crafts after you've completed #1!
3. Honey this is your body.....Get use to it!  Don't stress over diets, exercising, or giving up foods!
4. Let's be honest if you don't have kids by now it may be because you don't want any. (or you haven't met that guy in which case see #5).
5. Hit on every guy you find attractive!  Mr. Right is bound to happen if you kiss enough frogs.
6. If your married and have been for a few years, start implementing the 15 second kiss Every Day!  It will keep that spark going.
7. Don't stop trying new things.  If you don't like your job then take a class.
8. It's never too late to start a new career.  Just realize you may not get paid the same at first.
9. Don't stay in a job you Hate!  It will kill you. (I sense a theme)
10. If you feel good in something, don't let anyone tell you "You shouldn't wear that".  Well unless your over 180lbs, honey spandex is not your friend.
11.  Shop Forever 21, H&M, Hell even American Eagle.  Don't stop being you!
12. Did I mention Day Drinking?
13. Do something spontaneous, It's life your suppose to life it to the fullest.
14. If people in your life don't make you laugh or hug you when your down it's time to ditch them.  Drama is for your 20's.
15. Age is only a number, it's how you feel and act that counts!  So go see that new Disney movie even though you don't have kids.  Purchase those heart shaped sunglass'.  Read those "Young Adult" books, and keep listening to boy bands!

The main point is life is meant to be lived.  Don't sit on the side line watching everyone else have fun!

Life isn't easy and it's never to late to start over!  At 30 I went back to college and changed my career.  I am working for an amazing company and happy with my life.  I don't want children, and please don't ask me if I think yours is cute.  Sorry but most babies look like wrinkly old people to me.  I enjoy life to the fullest and encourage everyone to do the same......However if you want to sit on the sidelines have fun with that. Dueses

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  1. LOVE this post :):) You are still totally rockin it at 35 for sure!



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