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Monday, June 9, 2014

Shades of Blue

I love when an unexpected outfit happens.  That's what this is..... LOVE

Skirt Target / Tank Banana Republic old similar / Heels here / Bag Tory Burch / Spike Bracelets (got on sale)

Ever have that shirt in the back of your closet that you can't get rid of but don't wear.  Well this is my shirt!  I asked myself "self - why don't we wear this more?"  Yes I talk to myself like this.  Anyhow, I loved how this skirt went with the ruffle delight this top is.  I was cute and comfortable at work.  Yes I pack a sweater - HOWEVER my office can be super hot.  In the AM the temp is set to 75, of course when I get in I turn it down (or is it up?) to 73.  UGH always hot at work.  It's nice in the winter though.  SO on this day I thought a pop of color with 'red' heels (hello sexy).  Now ask me if I wore the heels all day...... LMAO Nope!  I swapped for sandals - cause my office is cool like that.

This weekend was the first weekend I didn't have any plans in a while.  It was nice!  I am so excited for my impending DC trip the last weekend of this month.  It will be so ODD because it's the first time I go to DC when my brother won't be there.  Something about having my bro (who looks out for me) not be in the 'BIG BAD CITY' will be an adjustment.  However, I will be hanging with my cousins.  I don't know, something about going to the city I grew up just south of without my bro will be an adjustment.  I am SO trusting my cuz to make it memorable.  Needless to say I will go to the 'stomping' grounds my bro took me the AmAzing chocolate shop......or the Killer shopping stops my sister-in-law and I hit up (with my brother in tow).  Needless to say I am ready for a break from the mundane and (sorry Chapel Hill) a REAL city environment and restaurants!

Side note.....It's not often I 'meet' a women or a fellow blogger who I seriously connect with.  You know that crazy OMG that's what I think, or We must have been Separated at Birth?!? (no offense H!  Love you!) kinda reaction when you read something they wrote.  Well I can officially say I have a girl crush on Whitney..... She writes like I think and is one of the rare people who can make me laugh that deep belly crunching laugh [on the edge of peeing], then when I read out loud what she wrote my co-workers laugh [not easy with Tax Accountants].  Girly Girl - I give a "Tip of my Hat" to you and your writing/thinking/general aweseomeness style!  If you haven't read her blog - jump on over and do so.  PLUS she makes these killer shirts each month.....Just ordered my first and SO can't wait to get it!

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  1. This is one of my favorite outfits of yours, Lee! So flattering and feminine, plus I love the fun red shoes! Your DC trip sounds like it will be a fun one regardless of the company or lack thereof. :)
    Gina -- On the Daily Express

  2. I'm slightly jealous as my office is always the opposite and freezing! This is a great work outfit and those shoes are amazing!

    Nicole to the Nines

    1. Aw thank you Nicole! I use to work with a lot of heavy men and was always freezing in the summer. It's a nice change to control the thermostat.

  3. I'm loving your top and skirt together!! You should definitely wear this shirt more often :)



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