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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Keeping Up With....

Sometimes it's hard to be a fashion blogger.  I am expected to show amazing outfits with new items (or at least I feel it's an expectation).  Sorry ladies to disappoint.  I wear and re-wear all my clothes until they fall apart (main reason I named my blog Everyday Fashion).  In the last several months I have been shopping more than normal because I felt I had to "Keep Up With...".  Then it hit read this blog because you like it.  Not because I have or don't have the latest and greatest, but because I enjoy writing it (which shows through).  I try to give you any tips or hints that I can along with showing you how to re-style something old.  So with all this said I have to warn you that my spending is going to be cut by more than 1/2 ($60 a month).  I want to get my car paid off and we have a few things going on.  However, I did want to share some of the sales I have been watching and what I think would be good to spend my very little budget on.
Whew that was a lot to get out.
A Dress like this is comfortable and I'm able to change it up for work with a chambray.  Plus it's on sale at J Crew Factory for $29.50.  Heck anytime I can get J Crew for this cheap I try to jump on it!  Their quality lasts a long time for me.

Some other things I have been crushing on.  Oh and a sale site for College Students!!! (yup I'm still in school)

Disclaimer - The tanks are more than I would typically spend so I will wait for them to go on sale (which Nordstrom should do in July plus they have free shipping on everything all the time no spending limits).  The Fedora is reasonable in price to me and the Sandals I did order (hello $15!)

Ok so if you go to this site (UniDays) you can get an exclusive code to use when ordering online from select retailers (like ASOS!)  I tried to order this top but got an email after I placed my order that they were sold out.  Probably for the best, things work in mysterious ways sometimes!  You do need a .edu email address to sign up but they have arrangements with lots of companies!  I was excited to save 10% at ASOS but still shouldn't have ordered this shirt.  Not very practical for this working girl.

I will say one thing though.  I did 'splurge' on a TB purse (40% off sale is how I could) last month.  I couldn't be happier with my purse!  I foresee using it for a very long time.  Also, I find I don't look at other bags online anymore.  Which is good for my wallet.  With a neutral color like beige I am able to style it with everything.  This is one area I would recommend any person invest!  Once you have a nice designer bag you will use it and keep it for a long time.  Trust me after the money I spent I want to get everything I can out of it.

Thank you so much for reading my blog!

P.S. Kitty update - we put a noisy fan in our bedroom which allowed all other 'sounds' (ehm kitty talk) to be drowned out.  I also ordered on Amazon Comfort Zone air diffuser refill (which my lovely co-worker has the plug in I can borrow).  Hopefully this will help settle my kitties down so they can get along.  As of now Kiernan is a bit of a bully and guards the cat door keeping my other two outside until either my hubby or I come home.  It is funny though to see Kiernan try to intimidate the dogs.  If he tries to rub on them or something they just huff at him and lay down until he leaves.  Cats can be very comical.  I do know there are a ton of people out there who aren't 'cat' people.  I didn't always like cats, but mine are each unique and understand what I will and won't tolerate.  Now for Kiernan to learn the rules, Cats CAN be trained. :)

P.S.S OH I almost forgot!  There's a new Salon opening in Carrboro, Ceremony Salon!!!  I'm so excited because the owner Rachel Radford is an Amazing Stylist!  She has done NYFW, Fashion Editorials, and so much more!  I am so excited to have a professional stylist right in my town (I was driving 30 min one way for a cut)!  If you are in the Chapel Hill area come by this Saturday from 5-8pm for their grand opening for food, drinks, and merriment!  Location 307 E. Main St STE 160 Carrboro, NC.  Hope I'll see you there!!

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  1. that hat is so cute and I think it goes perfect with the maxi dress!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

    1. Thank you Chiara! I think it will go with SO many things this summer!
      xo, Lee

  2. I actually prefer bloggers who remix a lot, as it gives me more ideas on how to remix things in my own closet! And this past weekend, I picked up my first-ever J.Crew item (30% off!), and I am also quite pleased with the quality :)

    1. Aw thank you for saying that! I got my first J Crew item at a warehouse sale (4 yrs ago) and still have it and wear it.
      xo, Lee

  3. I definitely feel the pressure to keep up sometimes, but I think it's important to remix items you already have instead of buying new things all the time :) I really love that dress, and your Tory bag was definitely a great purchase!

  4. Very nice set, I think it looks great together!


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