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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gifts???? Hmmmm

My father passed 13 years ago.  I miss him terribly every day.  Daddies little girl is an understatement of what I was.  No matter what happened as long as my dad was proud of me I was happy.  The few times I disappointed him (ehm rebellion anyone) it killed me.  So I got to thinking and reflecting if my dad was still here what types of things would I consider giving him?  I was 21 when he passed, so I never knew my father as an Adult child.  I had so much to learn about life, and it would have been nice to learn from him.
Anyhow, here are some things I would consider for Father's Day.

 Personalized Beer Flight Sampler Set

For those of you who 'know' me and my husband you are probably saying "Um those would be good gifts for B." (yes I married a man that had similar qualities to my father)  My husband is known to enjoy a few drinks.  My father on the other hand was known for being a killer host!  When he would entertain he pulled out all the stops!  These are fun 'entertaining' things for guys.
Personalized Specialty Beer Glass' (um this would be perfect for my brother too - but he's not a father either)

All these gifts are under $100! They are perfect for the guy who isn't 'into' anything specific.
My father (like my husband) was very handy.  He could fix anything or build just about anything.  Being an Architect and GC made for a very well rounded handy guy!  Basically I grew up in (yup in) a construction zone.  My mom would give my dad one room to gut and re-do, he couldn't start a new project until he was done with the current one.  We had a killer house!  The first house I lived in was a split level, my dad redid the basement and made it a walk out.  Then he laid hardwood floors in my sister's room.  The Piece-De-Resistance was the sun room with three sides being sliding glass doors that could be opened for a wonderful breeze in the spring and summer.  We also had an amazing play house.  The second house (what I consider my childhood home) was an 1870 Farm House that he restored room by room (ehm 11 room house).  Needless to say when my parents sold that house my father didn't want to work on his own home again.  They had a house built (which of course my father made improvements during the process - the builder was less than pleased but didn't say anything).  Anyhow, knowing my father isn't a golf man, or into clothes (not sure where I got it from); entertaining was his gig.  So if your father or husband are into entertaining these would be perfect gifts for them!

Since we don't have kids, and I haven't actually met my Father-In-Law I really have no reason to purchase anything for Father's Day.  It kinda sucks cause I can see these things getting great use.
Remember to Cherish your father!  Things happen unexpectedly all the time.

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  1. Your Father sounds like an amazing man!! I'm sorry he passed away when you were still so young. These gifts are definitely great picks. I love the glass set!



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