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Friday, May 2, 2014

"The" shift dress

I have said many times that I read A Lot of blogs!
Well when I saw this dress on 4 different bloggers I was like - Yup that's "The" dress right now.
Good thing was it's a simple dress that can be styled many ways AND it can be worn more than one season.
Check off two main things on my list when I purchase something. So I clicked order and prayed I wouldn't have buyers remorse!  Here are the other bloggers and "The" dress.
A Spoonful of Style  /  The Sweetest Thing  /  The Fashion Canvas  /  Southern Curls and Pearls
*These ladies did not request my feature of them - I wanted to show you how killer this dress is and how seeing it on 4 lovely women can have an impact for me to purchase "The" dress.

Without further ado here I am in "The" dress!

The day I wore this dress it was crazy rainy so the picture's aren't as bright an cheery as the ladies above.

Dress Nordstrom  (saver) / Wedges Mia (similar) / Necklace here  /  Purse here (takes 3-4 weeks to arrive)

When I ordered mine the Orange was the only one in my size.  I probably would have choosen the pink first but am glad I have the orange.  Plus let me tell you the quality of the fabric is so perfect and silky feeling.  This is not a cotton dress this will slide with your body.  I am thinking of getting the black as well.
Oh and No buyers remorse! Yippee  I did order a size up as Nordstrom recommended online and glad I did!  I am 5'9" with broad shoulders so I went with a Large and it's roomy enough to be very comfortable all day!

I have been battling with something lately.....I am shy, to say the least, in person.  When I first meet you I am worried I will say the wrong thing so I tend to not talk.  Recently I went with my hubby to a new place and met some really nice women.  They were younger [24/25] but they accepted me and made me feel right at home.  As the evening went on we were having a blast and drinking, at around 10 [I got there at 6] another couple arrived.  The nice girls weren't nice anymore - they were talking on the loud side how they didn't like the new arrival [woman].  I was shocked.  I went to her defense and said that we had all been drinking and she had just arrived.  Basically I asked they give her a chance.  Well not long after my hubby and I left.  From what I understand the girls were not accepting or nice to the new arrival and honestly that broke my heart!  I had met the newest girl once before and she was nice to me then.  Why do women do that?  I mean to not even give someone a chance or expect something unrealistic.  I am sure if the newest arrival had gotten there when I did [at 6] then things would have been different.  Does alcohol really change people that much?  I am a bit torn right now, I had fun and enjoyed the women.....however how do I hang out with them again knowing they treated the new girl so meanly?  Kinda reminds me of "Mean Girls".  Have you been in a situation like this?  What did you do the next time you saw the mean girls?
Let me tell you it had to be bad for my hubby to mention it to me a few days later after he saw the other guys again.

Last but not least - BIG NEWS!!!!  This month is #springclosetremix.  What's that?  Well it's where I won't  (as in will not, not gonna, and ain't happen-in) shop ALL of May!  I know - BIG deal!  Me not shop.....OMG [my hubby laughed when I told him]  I am doing this for two reasons 1. I want to take a trip or two this summer and don't want to stress about money.  2. I don't NEED anything, I may WANT a lot (a ton, give me, gosta have it all) but my needs well need to be reassessed.  Wish me luck and encourage me on IG if you follow!

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  1. Ooh, nice work in rounding up the images of The Dress! Everyone (including you) looks really cute in it! As far as your new group of friends...eep. Those are red flags for me. That usually means I try to stay on friendly terms but I don't get too close because they've shown their true colors. I doubt alcohol changes them so much as brings out the truth in this case!

  2. I can see why it's so popular - the shape is just perfect! Love that you paired it with that pretty pink bag too!
    Visiting from the Trend Spin link-up :)



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