Wine & Couture: Pops of Red and Sad Tails
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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pops of Red and Sad Tails

First my outfit - then the "Tail"
For Cinco De Mayo I had difficulty figuring out what to wear.....So I went to my trusted friend [Pinterest]
Duh the Mexican flag is Green, Red, and White!
Side note - I hope you know that Cinco De Mayo is not the Mexican independence day but the day they won a big battle -  "Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla" in 1862

 Happy Cinco De Mayo Chicka's!

Just had to show off my newly potted plans along my porch!
Pants Fab'rik [instore - loving] / Top Fab'rik / Rosette Necklace / "Cayenne" Sandals [perfect if you have thick ankles or wide feet - mine kinda slide around in them]

This is the first year I "dressed" up for Cinco De Mayo.  I am doing these challenges on IG and that was the theme of the day [go figure].  So when I discovered Mexico's colors were red, green, and white I was like hmmm what do I have that is red and green.  Well my 'sage' shirt from Fab'rik and these killer heels.  Of course it wouldn't be a party without flowers so my necklace was a logical choice.

Now for the "Tail".  I hope my brother doesn't mind but this is really bothering me so I will share parts of what happened.  My brother and his wife are overseas [she works for an unnamed company with locations all over the world].  Being so far from home is hard enough as is.  My brother decided to get a dog, and chose a breed, then they found a reparable breeder, and purchased a puppy.  Now both my brother and his wife are good people - like the kind that put other people first and genuinely mean it when they wish you well.  Anyhow, an 'incident' happened with a child [not the dogs or really the child's fault].  See this child (under 6) snuck up on the dog [still a puppy but like 120lb] and scared it.  When the dog turned it's head to see what was touching him his tooth scraped the arm of the child.  The child was ok and the parents were not upset at all.  Just one of those situations where the child was young and no one was watching what she was doing.  Well the management of said company has a zero tolerance for "violent" dogs..... Cause this was Obviously a Violent act.....GRRR  My bother and his wife were told to get rid of the dog.  After an appeal, where the parents of the child stood up and said it wasn't the dog's fault, the decision was made final.  So the dog has to go!  All I keep thinking about is if someone "made" me get rid of my baby boy [Poopaw]  I would go ballistic!  See we don't have human children in our family - we have fur children.  Would you be ok with someone taking away either your human or fur child?  I just want to email the manager and get all the people I know, and who know my brother to email him and tell him he is unreasonable.  My brother offered to get a dog trainer, move off compound, anything to keep his dog.  We believe the manager just doesn't like dogs and is being vindictive.  I mean it wasn't even a bite!  Plus the parents went in person and said hey it's our child and we aren't upset.  It was an unfortunate turn of events.  The child had played with the dog before and had no issues.  The dog is a "gental" giant.

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  1. Love this color combo on you--that necklace is one of my faves :) Aww and I am such an animal lover--poor doggie :(


  2. That's so horrible!!! I can't imagine being forced to give up my pup.

    I'm loving your necklace and those fun shoes!


  3. Oh no! What a bummer about the dog situation!! That just sucks. :( In positive news, I love your interpretation of a Cinco de Mayo theme/Mexican flag. That is pretty awesome and you look great.
    Gina -- On the Daily Express

  4. what a horrid situation, before getting rid of the dog I think I would check into the legalities. If they are off the compound does the company have the right to force that and better yet it is even their business... Love your necklace though on a completely frivolous note

  5. That sucks :( and makes me so sad.
    The fourth picture - I just love it. if I had your number in my contacts, that would so be the pic that pops up when you call me! :)
    Carylee |

  6. Aww sorry to hear about that!! I am a fur mommy too and I would be the same way!
    I hope it all works out for the best of your brother!!

    Loving your Cinco De Mayo outfit! I think it's perfect for the day!!

    I am having a fashion party link up. I would love if you'd come join!!

    Have a beautiful start to a wonderful week pretty girl!!


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