Wine & Couture: Leopard and the Bun

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Leopard and the Bun

Skinny Jeans Fab'rik  /  French Connection top (similar)  /  Sam Edelmen Heels (similar)  /  Necklace

I am loving quality skinny jeans!  I own three pair now (white, light blue-jean, and dark gray)....I can see why women wear them all the time!  Let's take a moment to admire my first pair of Sam Edelmen shoes!!  I found them on consignment for ..... $17!  Brand new never worn!  Do I rock or what :)

This weather has been totally insane!  I mean it's almost 80 one day, the next it's rainy and suppose to be upper 70 but feels like 80, then we are down to almost 60.  How is a girl suppose to get dressed?  Take Wednesday (yesterday) for was raining buckets through the night.  I wake up thinking it will be chilly - Nope it's 70 and feels hotter!  Not to mention my poor hair won't do a thing!  I so need more hats!

Anyhow, tax season has fizzled out like a bad relationship and I am back to slower days.  School is nearing a close, which I am SO Happy for!  I completed one class but for some reason have two that go well into May.  I don't get it but am happy to be down to two!  I tried to take a course this summer but they aren't offering anything I need so that was a bust.  I feel so close to graduation but not quite there.  It is getting frustrating!

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  1. I love a good leopard piece! Paired with your bun looks so put together!

  2. What a great deal!!! those shoes are amazing. and your bun looks so great!



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