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Thursday, May 22, 2014

It's A Secret

Yay for a Holiday weekend!!
I won't post on Monday but will post Tuesday instead next week.  I thought I would take Memorial Day to remember those who we lost.  My hubby's grandfather was in the Marine's and was actually on Iwo Jima in WWII.  He was someone very special to my hubby.  Sadly he passed before I met my husband, but I have heard the tales and he really was an amazing man.
Hope you have plans for this weekend!

I'll give you one guess which fashion blogger didn't check her pants legs to see if the folds were correct - lol
Dittos Jeans / Lace Tank Charlotte Russe old similar / Sam & Libby Target Sandals / Tory Burch bag / # Ring

I love casual wear but tend to throw on a cotton dress around the house and honestly we are home bodies.  So purchasing designer jeans is something I don't tend to do.  When I saw these jeans on Nordstrom Rack's website I just had to get them [um $35].(go a size down! trust me on this they will conform to your body)  I do need a good pair of jeans for the occasional date night or BBQ.  Sadly my pair are sold out but they have a ton of cute jeans!  Not to mention I can return them to the store if I change my mind, no return shipping.  For this site I recommend signing up for their email alerts.  That's how I found these jeans.

I always wondered how other bloggers found some of the clothing items they purchase.  I love Nordstrom (hello free shipping), but searching either their store or website is just not something I have time for.  Typically I would search blogs for cute items and then click the link to see if I could afford it.  Well that time is's the secret!!  Nordstrom has a Savvy section on their site where items are posted in my price range [let that sink in for a moment].  Plus they put the new and newly marked down first!!  I know I was shocked it was that easy!  Click here for the dept and start your browsing of affordable items!  The orange shift dress I have is on there along with some items I have marked to my wish list.  Oh that's another tip - when I find something I like I select the size and color then mark it to my wish list.  This is an easy way to go back when I have the money to purchase the item.  Also, it helps me make sure I want to spend the money on said item.  Further more if the item is reduced you will see it faster on your wish list!!!  Who knew an amazing store like Nordstrom could be easy to navigate and within my price range!  I mean I love Target and all but if I'm going to spend $20-30 on a top I want it to last and be good quality.  The thing you get with Nordstrom is guarantee, if the item has an issue or just doesn't work they will take it back.  If there has been a time lapse they will give you a gift card, which is just as good to me!  I met a lady who said she had items with the tags still on but couldn't wear them anymore.  These items were like at least a year old, she took them to Nordstrom and they gave her a gift card.  No hassle, No nonsense!  How awesome is that!?!?  I mean customer service has gone down hill over the years but Nordstrom hasn't.  I bet your wondering if I am being paid for this - NO these are my thoughts and opinions only.  I get excited about good deals and want to pass them along to you.  Sorry this is wordy - thanks for reading! 

Oh don't miss the Kate Spade sale it ends today [75% off]!  This is the sale to purchase that bag you thought you couldn't afford!
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  1. I had no clue that Nordstrom has a Savvy section! Definitely going to check that out. Loving your gorgeous bag! Have an amazing long weekend :)



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