Wine & Couture: Bright Colors and "#" Ring
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bright Colors and "#" Ring

I don't know why but Jewelry is always a "buyers remorse" for me.  I find something I like and I order it, then while waiting for it to arrive I start to second guess my purchase.  Figures I haven't learned my lesson by now.....I ordered this "#" ring and before it could arrive I was getting sick to my stomach that I spent $20 on a ring.  I know it's not a lot of money, and I shouldn't stress over silly things like this; but I do.  It's who I am.
Needless to say when it arrived I almost didn't even open it....the thought of just returning it appealed to me.  Then I decided to take a look at it and try it on....OMG I Love it!  The size and weight are perfect for me.  See heavy rings tend to bother me and I take them off after an hour of wearing them....Not this little pretty!
Here is what "she" looks like....
So cute and dainty!

If you follow in IG you saw that I cut my hair.  To show you how much 6 inches is here is a pic with my hair straight.  See how it comes down over my breast?  Well now it is just past my shoulder!
I am SO happy with how it turned out - big thanks to Lauren at Posh Salon!  She nailed it!

The theme for this day was "Teal and Turquoise on a Tuesday"
Skirt Old Navy loving/ Tee Old Navy similar / Scarf Target similar / Heels Shoe Dazzle similar / "#" ring

I love taking something old I have and re-styling it!  With this skirt it can be hard to style.  It has so many colors and so much going on.  I styled it here with a neon sweater and thought my yellow with teal polka dot scarf would be a perfect compliment.  Then a neutral base with my gray tee.  It is amazing how adding a scarf and heels can really change the look of an outfit and make it work appropriate.

I touched on my weekend some Monday.  I kinda want to back track a bit and talk about my Salon experience.  See I was always afraid to get my hair cut.  Let's just say a few bad experiences that ended with uneven hair and the only option was to cut more off.  I like long hair, it suits me.  So to go from long to short when I didn't want to was very traumatic for me.  One day (2012) I noticed a salon in Durham and thought I would go in and see what they were about.  I hadn't ever really tried a high end salon, I thought I couldn't afford it.  Upon entering I was greeted by a genuinely nice lady at the front desk.  She took the time to hear my concerns and what I needed to have done.  Then she suggested a stylist to speak with.  The stylist came out and we sat on a couch and chatted about my hair, my experiences, and what I hope to gain from my next hair cut.  I felt good after talking with her and scheduled an appointment for later that day.  To say I was nervous was an understatement (my last cut was well over a year before) when I arrived for my appointment the lady at the front asked if I wanted a beverage - me well what do you have? her - Coke, Water, Wine, Beer.  [jaw dropped] Um I'll take a white wine please.  She brought me a cute little cup with about 4 sips of wine in it.  Just enough to calm my nerves.  Let's just say after my hair cut I was over joyed, I scheduled an appointment to have my hair colored, and even let her be adventurous with bangs a few months later.  I tell you I don't care if I have to drive 30min - 1 hour I will never get my hair cut anywhere else besides Posh Salon!  The level of service and care the stylists have is astounding to me.  To give you an idea my stylist was a level 5 and my cut was $65, recently my stylist left to stay home with her new baby and I had to change but I wasn't worried.   Lauren is my girl now - she is a level 3 and the cut runs $40.  To me this is a no brainier!  There are certain areas of your life that you shouldn't be cheap with - your mechanic, and hair stylist should be at the top of your list!

Happy Hump Day! :)
Also hop over to Kate Spade - everything is on super sale (75% off)!  Scored a wallet for $29!
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  1. Love the colorful outfit! Your hair looks great too! I also like the white nails, I got a pedi with white and it looks fresh.
    Please drop by PP linkup

    1. Thank you Jessica! White nails are fresh. I use Essie Marshmellow.

  2. I absolutely love your hair cut! I really love your hash tag ring too, I think it was worth it!


  3. I love your # ring! It is really cute and I like that it's dainty and not overwhelming. How interesting that you have a lot of buyer's remorse over jewery! That's one thing I rarely have it about. It's my cheap and easy retail therapy fix. Your new hair looks great too- nice and healthy!
    Gina -- On the Daily Express

  4. Great hair cut. At some point long hair needs to be cut to look alive.


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