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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Spa Day if I May

Ever sit back and think - WOW This is My Life!
I mean I am normally not that girl who can stand in a room and say I have an Amazing Life, Listen to what I was able to do!  It's not that I don't shoot for it but sometimes the mundane happens.
Anyhow, this blog is dedicated to those women who live the mundane until something WOW happens.
I have mentioned this before but I work for an AmAzing CPA firm in Chapel Hill.  We offer a level of service that isn't readily found these days.  While working for this Amazing firm I have had the opportunity to meet some influential, inspiring, and pretty amazing people.  So this bright (hot) Tuesday morning I am reading my work email and see an invitation to attend a "Summer Style Event" at Medical Day Spa of Chapel Hill.  Seeing as the invitation was for that day I thought there was no way I could attend.  When I mentioned it to my supervisor she insisted that I attend.......Here is my experience and how a normal Tuesday turned into "Wow This is My Life" event.

Ok so this Spa is so "Top Shelf".  It is located in an office park behind University Mall.  It's like a hidden gem!  Once you walk under the awning there is a zen garden waiting with a fountain by the stairs and elevator!
Tuesday was "Minty Fresh" for my IG challenge.  So of course I wore my H&M skater skirt.
So glad I went with a silky top instead of a tee this I said I wasn't expecting an invite for this event.
Enough with my was an amazing spread of food and drinks for the event.
These ladies know how to throw an event!  Wine......Chicken Salad from Whole Foods (too die for), and Home Made brownies!  So yum!  #nomnom
One of the rooms where many things are done at the spa
Now on to the clothes!

Meet Wendy Gow from Lily Winston

Ok where to start!!!!
How about a few quotes from Wendy that really hit home to me!
"Clothes shouldn't enter the room first"
"Every Woman needs 'sexy' denim"
I would write forever about what I learned from Wendy!  Seriously call her firm for a consult, she works within your budget and gets most items on sale!  Yup a Stylist that shops sales!  OMG I died and went to heaven!

How about a few tips from Wendy:
1. If you outlet shop - purchase an entire outfit or you won't wear the one or two pieces that you do purchase.  [Seriously True!]
2. Start with Containment!  Undergarments really transform how you look in your clothes.  No bulges or unwanted bumps if you purchase right!  Go to Nordstrom for a fitting... also check out On Gossamer ($10-12 online).  If your in a bind cut the feet/legs off panty hose - like for Capri's.
3. Invest in Basics - Bottoms first...... Several pair of black slacks [Full Leg, Fitted, Black Skinny denim] of course these are for the "working" girl!  Then either Charcoal or Heather gray slacks.  Finally Camel or Khaki.  Oh and don't forget white! You know I love my off white skinnies!
4.  A Heel can make the difference! Invest! Santana Creatives can refurbish your heels if they need a little TLC!

Wendy - graduated from UNC, moved to NYC and worked as a buyer before moving Up in the fashion industry.  She has lived in Atlanta, NYC, and Chapel Hill.  Currently her company Lily Winston has clients all over the world and work with all types from the business woman to the stay at home mom.  She will style your closet around you and find you great investment pieces.  "Trends are for the Youth", being in my mid-thirties I need to think long term.  Her tips and style advice has been a real eye opener to what I need to spend my money on.  Honestly if I want to be a CPA I need to be taken seriously!  This won't be the last you hear about Wendy on Everyday Fashion!  I can't wait to share what things we will do together in the future!

Hope you enjoyed the info and tips.  Please check out Medical Day Spa for your next Facial, Massage, or Mani!  I know the staff and they will treat you like a Queen!

Next post I will talk about my Amazing Massage and Revision's life changing product line!

Also, Here are future events at Medical Day Spa
May 20th - Cool Moves for a Hot Summer - Katie Corley PopUp Workout! from 10:30 - 12:30. She is the exercise hit of Chapel Hill. Childcare and Brunch will be provided. A $15 registration fee applies. Just call 919-904-7111 to reserve your spot. Also, NeoCutis Skincare with Jill Jordan will be there with her skin care line. The registration fee will be applied to any Neocutis purchase.

May 27th - Sheri Castle: Fresh Inspiration for Casual Entertaining - Porch Parties from 11:30-1 where Sheri will prepare the lunch for this event. $15 registration fee applies.  Just call 919-904-7111 to reserve your spot.
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  1. It was wonderful meeting you and having you in the Spa!

    1. Julia! I so enjoyed meeting you and learning about the Spa! Can't wait for my appointment this Saturday.
      xo, Lee

  2. Replies
    1. Aw thank you Chiara! It was out of this world.
      xo, Lee

  3. Looks like so much fun!!!! I loved her tips.


  4. What a super cool experience!! Thanks for sharing the Wendy's tips- that first one is SO TRUE. Pinterest has really helped me in terms of seeing things in a full outfit/buying all the pieces for a look vs. just a bunch of random stuff I liked from here and there that doesn't really go all together.
    Gina -- On the Daily Express

  5. Thanks for your excellent blog, Lee. We look forward to your return to the Spa!

  6. What a fun experience! This would be an amazing work day! Love that skirt!


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