Wine & Couture: A Day at Fearrington!
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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Day at Fearrington!

When my Nana told me she wanted to brunch at Fearrington....I was like "where?"
OMG this is the best little place with so much to see and do!!!
If you take a short ride down 15-501 toward Pittsboro this little farm/village is on your left and totally fun!
Here's a recap of what we saw and did!

Can I just say - One day I will have enough land to have a goat or two!  They are so adorbs!

After the animals we ate lunch at the Goat Deli!  Yum
Then next door to Dovecote boutique to try on hats and browse 
My Nana is Very creative with taking pics and posing me!
 If you go to Fearrington don't miss stepping in this boutique!  The ladies were so nice and the variety of their products were top notch!  The Kiss makeup bag will be mine very soon!
Also, They have a trunk show May 17th and 18th for Before and After!  So fun!
Hope everyone had a happy Derby Day!

 Sorry for the pic overload.  I actually only shared 25% of what we took!
Check out Instagram for other pictures.

My outfit!
Top Peachy Keen  /  Blush Pants old Target  /  Sandals Wal-Mart!  / Bag here (down to $18 / shipping 2-3 weeks)

Like I mentioned yesterday this weekend was so fun!  Loving Spring in being in Chapel Hill this year!

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  1. Looks like so much fun!! i've heard of Fearrington before, but I've sadly never gone. I'm loving your fun top!


  2. I also love your top. I love yellow in the Summer and also floral outfits especially when the floral print is large like yours. I live in the UK so it's unlikely I will go to Fearrington. Interesting read though. I got your link from Stylish Tues. I am following you on bloglovin. I will leave my link but please no pressure to follow back as I know some bloggers get annoyed at this.


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