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Monday, April 7, 2014

"Neutral & A Pop of Color"

Day 2 of #stylemeapril
I wasn't sure of this outfit but I went with it.  I was shocked when I saw the pictures and how great this outfit is!  These shoes totally rock and I understand the Style for the day now.

I noticed in this picture how white my hair is getting.  Don't you love genes - the women on my mom's side (lucky few) don't go gray but pure white.  I got this gene and my hair started turning white on the crown when I was 25!  I fought it for years but decided to let it go.  How else am I suppose to look close to my actual age anyhow?  Yup I get carded for everything and usually get comments like "Good for you" or "Wow I was way off".  It is funny though how people want to call my change me the hairs are not gray they are white.  I can tell you this from 1. Inspection and 2. Finding it on my clothes.
So I ask - what age would you accept your hair changing?  Would you go natural or color it?

Skirt Target old loving, Shirt Khols old loving, Shoes Target

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  1. Super cool background and LOVE those shoes! Good for you for rocking the white hair! It's kind of a cool accessory if you ask me!
    On the Daily Express

  2. LOVE those shoes!


  3. Those shoes are amazing! I've been having gray hairs popping up for the last few years... it half freaks me out/half doesn't bother me at all. We'll see when I'm entirely gray!

  4. These shoes are gorgeous!


  5. The shoes are amazing! I love them and have a similar pair - this makes me want to whip them out! I'm in denial about my hair changing.... carylee |

  6. Love the shoes. I'm also doing the Style Me April challenge. It's definitely helped me try different looks!

    1. I love doing challenges like this. I find I "shop" my closet more and find outfits I wouldn't have tried before!


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