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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How to wear #Herem pants

I saw on a blog (can't remember which) a pair of leopard pants from JCPenny and thought they looked so comfortable!  I had to have them, but then I remembered that H&M had a similar pair and there was a promo code making them $14!  I love a good deal....any how when I got the pants in the mail and tried them on I was IN LOVE, talk about comfort, cuteness, and softness.  Perfect for any occasion.  My only issue was how to style them.  Of course I hit pinterest and I felt the similar styles were a bit bland.  Next was a google search, everything I read said add structure!  So that is what I did for the first pic....

Heels, blazer (structure).  Yes it's cute but it's 80 degrees, I don't want to break a sweat.
 A big bun was a must though!  Totally makes the outfit more polished.
 So I swapped the white for black and a looser shirt, I felt it flowed more with the pants.  Plus didn't make me look as 'fat'

 You can't tell but I am sick here.  Gotta love working 45-50 hrs a week and having insomnia.
I will be so happy after the 15th!

Seriously love how soft and silk like these pants are, paired with my soft tank and cute sandals I am ready for the weekend!  Or at least after today (D day in Tax Accounting world [April 15]).

Pants H&M, Tank Target old, Sandals JCPenny old loving
Moon & Lola 'L' pendant, Lips MAC 'Flat Out Fabulous' 

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  1. My favorite is the first look with the funky tee! Looks great. :)

    Steph - Signing Steph

  2. Those pants are so fun and they look so comfortable!! And I'm loving your hair in a bun!



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