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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day to Night

For this day [April 5] I joked with my co-workers that in order for me to go from day to night I would have to wear Pajama's to work.  See when I get home I am beat and want nothing more than to relax...
So I found a cross between the two - this dress.  Short sleeved cotton dress is so close to Pajama's.

 The wind was blowing so much how could I not let my scarf fly?

Dress Target old loving, Sandals JCPenny old loving, Scarf Fab'rick similar [seriously go to their store], Necklace Groopdealz similar

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  1. Ha that is too funny--I am the same way after work! I want to sit with my doggies and watch tv under a blanket! You look adorable though and this seems like the perfect dress for that kind of transition!


  2. That dress is such a pretty color on you, and it definitely looks comfortable! Loving it with your scarf.


  3. Such a fun, springy look! Thanks for linking up for "what she wears"!!

  4. So many fun bright colors! I love how you made this such a fun casual outfit! Perfect for spring and summer! Thanks for linking up with What She Wears!



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