Wine & Couture: April Showers [bring May flowers]
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April Showers [bring May flowers]

Sadly April Shower's didn't happen on the "April Shower's" day  so I had to improvise.....

I so love this Pave' and Enamel bracelet!  Found it on Groopdealz but have seen similar on Etsy.  It is perfect for Spring!  Love it and always get compliments on it.

I wish I could tell you how Amazing this day was.... upper 60's sunny and just amazing.
Jean Zara old loving, Tank Fab'rik loving, Fedora Fab'rik, Wedges ModCloth

Seriously loving this new Fedora I snagged at Fab'rik....along with this scarf.....
How did I go so long before finding Fab'rik?

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  1. This weather is seriously amazing! I feel like I have been waiting for forever! That scarf is great and bracelet is adorable! I am obsessed with any pink, coral - so this would be a great addition to my collection:)


  2. This looks like it was a super fun photoshoot :)


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