Wine & Couture: A Neon and Tunic Day
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Monday, April 21, 2014

A Neon and Tunic Day

I hope you had a great Easter Sunday/Weekend!

Peach Skinnies AE loving (steal), White tunic Oakleigh Rose, Wedges MIA loving
Moon and Lola "L" pendant, MAC Saint Germain lipcolor

Friday I was excited because I was working a short day and knew I had Monday off.
Part of the Instagram challenges that I am doing this month called for a white top.  So this tunic was perfect, and usually I wear skinny jeans or leggings with it.  Being that it's spring [even though Mother Nature doesn't realize it] I thought neon peach pants would be perfect.  My puppies came with me to the office and then we went to the dog park up the road.  While sitting on the bench watching my pups play I didn't see the hound dog approach me and jump up.  My knees were covered in dirt.  The owner hollered at her dog from across the park and said she was sorry.  She didn't bother to come over and I ended up pushing the dog off me.  As I brushed the loose dirt off my pants another women was entering the park took one look at me and said "You shouldn't wear neon to the dog park, wear dark colored jeans."  I was shocked, so shocked that I didn't reply.  All I kept thinking about after was 1. the dog shouldn't have jumped on me. 2. when I go to my normal dog park people aren't rude. and 3. I am a clean person and what I wear should be my choice, I never get dirty at our usual dog park.  Needless to say most of these thoughts came to me after we left.  See I am not a confrontational person, in fact I will walk away from a nasty person instead of engage.  So after a little longer at the park we did just that, left.  My pups were tired anyhow.  Does anyone else have an issue with staying clean at the dog park?  What would you do if your dog jumped on a person?  See mine are trained not to do that, we have NO tolerance for it.  A dogs feet belong on the ground, I don't put my feet on dogs or people so why should they.  Anyhow, after going home and cleaning up my pants (it wasn't that bad) I decided I needed a pick me up.  So I ran to my fav local boutique Fab'rik and Amy there helped me pick out and try on new pants.  I purchased a killer pair of off white skinny jeans which I won't be wearing to the dog park [lol].  Hope everyone had a great Easter!

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  1. Love this spring look, Lee. All the proportions on your outfit look great. And I especially loooove those peach skinnies!! So fun! Great pairing with the mint bag, too. :)
    On the Daily Express

  2. Love this spring outfit, especially the peach skinnies! I would be mortified if my dog jumped up on someone and would definitely walk over to apologize/make sure your okay, rather than yelling from across the park.

    1. Aw thank you Jill! I learned my lesson - keep to my dog park where nice people go!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
      xo, Lee

  3. oh man, i can't believe that happened! I definitely wouldn't yell across the park. I'm loving the color of your pants! They are so fun!


  4. So random! I would never think I wouldn't be allowed to wear certain colors to a dog park! And regardless of it being a park of dogs, owners are still responsible for watching them and I'd feel awful if mine jumped on someone and got them dirty! This whole post just upset me! haha! But you just keep on keeping on! :) Carylee |

  5. Dog parks are funny places. I've definitely had my share of dirty looks. Maybe the person suggesting that you wear dark colored jeans was just trying to be helpful? I don't know. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, even when they're glaring at me. :)

    Your outfit is so pretty though!



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