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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pinned It and Did It

Sometime I pin things and don't go back and look at them again, or they are so long ago I get side tracked before I can view them again when searching in my pinned board.
So I love when someone pin's something I pin.  I get a little notice telling me and I can look at the pin.  Plus I find it interesting what people like that I pin.
Anyhow, that's how I decided to try this for my Pinned It and Did It.....

Did you see yesterday?  My new MK Red Flats?  Well this is why I chose this pin to try!
I have a white collared shirt but not a blue cardi so I swapped them and went with a blue collared shirt and a white cardi.  Love the red and blue combo!

Pants Loft (velvet *sigh* LOVE) here - Tip I got mine for $14 in the store!
Collared shirt NY&Co similar
Cardi Target 2013 similar
MK Flats similar
Buckle Bracelet Brina Box
MAC "Rebel" lip color
Essie "Go Ginza" nail color

I do think the navy cardi would have looked a little nicer but you work with what you have, right?!
This whole outfit was comfortable!  The pants are like second skin and warm, the shoes oh so comfy, and well I like a good tailored collared shirt.

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  1. Ha- I used to do that too! I do find that interesting, to see what pin of yours someone else repined. Pretty necklace against that top! (Still jeally of your closet)

  2. I'm totally the same, I like the little reminders that I pinned something I had forgotten about and then just seeing what clicks with other people. I like how you recreated this working with what you have- I'm a big fan of that. :) -Gina
    On the Daily Express


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