Wine & Couture: Florals and Spring Fever
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Florals and Spring Fever

I always thought Spring Fever meant you wanted to be outside.  Well this year I am going with I am ready for the cold to go away and stay away.  This up and down is giving me a headache.
In the spirit of Spring I went with florals and pastels.  It made me feel a little hopeful that this never ending winter will finally give up, go away, and allow Spring to do it's thing.

Shirt Old Navy old loving
Pants Target old similar

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  1. Love those booties! where are they from?

    And YES to wearing spring colors, hoping the weather will follow suit!

  2. I agree with Laura- those booties are really cute. Love the stud details on those, and I love your springy floral + pink outfit. Very cute and great fit on all of the pieces!
    On the Daily Express


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