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Monday, March 3, 2014

An MK kinda Day

If you don't know by now, I love Michael Kors.  After choosing him to do a research paper for my college English class I fell in love.  His designs, His history, His vision is one I appreciate.  Not to mention I can find his clothing, handbag, and shoes in my price range (ehm TJ Maxx).  Plus the quality is top notch.
So when I wanted a pair of Ponte pants/leggings MK was the only way to go for me!  I was able to find a pair at Neiman Marcus on clearance!  I couldn't wait for my school check to arrive (I get scholarships and grants to attend school).  On that glorious day I clicked "Add to Cart" and checked out I was over the moon.  Then when they arrived my darling husband handed me his knife to open the box and stood by while I unwrapped them.  I tell you it was like heaven to me!  My hubby held the hanger (They were packaged so nicely on a hanger, wrapped in plastic, and then tissue paper) while I pulled the plastic off and he commented that the price tag was $130!  I smiled and handed him the receipt in the box showing I paid $45 (with shipping).  Yup it's one of those highs I get when I purchase an item for SO much less than what they retail for.  Anyhow, here are my pants.....we will get to the shoes in a moment :)

These pants/leggings are faux leather in the front and thick spandex material in the back.  They are perfection!

Last week was terrible.  I was sick all week and my poor nose took the brunt of it.  This was the first day I felt Normal, however I couldn't wear makeup because my skin was raw and peeling.

My shoes!!!  They are also MK and another glorious find this past week.  I sell items on Tradesy, when I sell something I am given the option of a "store" credit or to have my funds sent to Paypal (which costs money).  I was bored and went "window" shopping at all the pretty items they have.  I decided on this particular day to check out flats.  I have been wanting a pair of Tory Burch flats, but am not willing to spend the money.  So I searched for my price range (aka credit amount) and these beauties poped up.  I was not only surprised they were only $26, but in my size (this Never happens).  I fell in love!  Clicked Add to cart and a few days later they were in my mail box.  LOVE how quickly my seller shipped them, sometimes it takes over a week.  I slipped them on and they fit like a dream.  Tory Smory I have Michael Kors!

Now not to be all MK'd out I went with my H&M Zebra top (I do have a cute MK top that would have totally went), and added my Sole Society clutch (which of course I have an MK clutch).
If you notice the colorful bangle - it was a gift from my Nana for working so hard in school.
 She is the best, Love you Nana!

Shirt H&M old similar
Pants MK here
Flats similar
Bangle here
Clutch in white here

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  1. Love your pants! What a fantastic find! And sorry to hear you were feeling so yucky. Hope you're back to 100% soon!

    Fizz and Frosting

  2. This is a great outfit Lee! Love the styling, the zebra print blouse paired with the leggings is so sleek and the fun color of your shoes! And love the sweet sentiment behind your bracelet. :) Glad you were able to score such a bargain on the pants. That is the best feeling! And now I'm curious to learn more about Michael Kors and wish I could read your research paper on him! Haha. Gina
    On the Daily Express

  3. We've seen so many leopard print lately and here you are with zebra! Very refreshing :)
    Enjoy your new Kors!

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai, UAE

    1. Thank you! I love zebra and tend to look better in it than leopard.

  4. MK has a watch that I've been eyeing. MK has great designs, and materials, can be a bit pricey, but as you said, that's what clearance is for!
    How are the shoes? I've also been eyeing the Fulton moc, because I love the MK logo buckle and some of the signature fabrics, but I haven't purchased them yet. Are they comfy?

    1. Lizzie,
      The flats are very comfortable! Today is the first time I have worn them All day and my feet don't hurt. Loving them and recommend them!
      xo, Lee

  5. Those pants were such a great deal!!! I LOVE them on you!


  6. Those new flats of yours are really pretty!!

  7. I love a good bargain story! Good for you! Glad you found your perfect pair! I honestly don't have too many MK clothes, not for any reason really - but he's definitely one of the first I rely on for comfort and style of shoes! Thanks for linking up!


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