Wine & Couture: The Weekend and A Husband's Preference
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Weekend and A Husband's Preference

So my hubby loves simplicity and when I wear what he calls outrageous outfits he just shakes his head (Faux Fur, Pastels, Pink, and Bright colors).  So in an effort to make him happy I took into account what he likes for me to wear and came up with two outfits for two things we were doing Saturday.
Outfit #1 - Running to Home Depot.

Obviously he likes things simple - no necklace or arm candy however you will notice my new Lilly Pulitzer clutch.
Outfit #2: Hanging with his buddies

I just felt this pose needed to go in, even though I do look like I was posing I actually decided to run my hand through my hair and this is what I got.
I went low key on the arm candy for our evening out.
spikes, love, buckle, and tassel bracelets. 
He wanted me to show what he loves - guitars and me.
After Home Depot we went to a friends house so the guys could "jam".  It was fun but I knew we would be outside some so I dressed in layers.
Does your hubby prefer simple or has no preference?

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  1. You look so cute! I try to keep my husband's preferences in mind, but he has pretty great taste so there are so few things that he thinks are too outrageous that I actually wear. You look great and it looks like you had a good weekend!


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