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Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Again - So over this

Happy Valentines Day!

Don't get me wrong.....the day off from work was needed.  School work was piling up.  However, missing work for two or three days does not appeal to me.  I like to get out of the house.  Wednesday the snow hit so hard and fast that the roads were almost undrivable.  Many accidents and people abandoning their cars and walking home.  Crazy right!  What other state has this happen?  Of course other than Atlanta.  My hubby had to park his work van and walk because there were so many accidents in front of him he couldn't drive.  So Thursday we got my car dug out and headed out to get his van.  The roads weren't bad but there were sections that made me wonder if the DOT plow driver just gave up.  Anyhow, here is what I wore to hopefully not get stuck on the side of the road....

Best part was when I took these pics the rain turned to sleet.......

Pigtails are never wrong when wearing a hat like this!

What I am wearing:
Target Yoga pants here
F21 Neon Yellow sweater similar
Zara puffer coat similar
MK Rain Boots similar

I was warm and my hubby joked that no one would hit us cause the color of my sweater.
Well here's hoping everyone is home safe and that this snow stops falling and starts melting!

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  1. It really was so crazy. I'm ready for warmer temps, for sure!!!

  2. I'm so over winter, too! Seriously! I was so annoyed bc the one day it actually hit 40 here was the day I had to travel to Milwaukee for work where it was SNOWING. UGHHHH
    You look cute though, and yes, the braids are perfect for a winter hat!

  3. Wow, that's a lot of snow. Hope it warms up soon.


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