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Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekend Wear - Go from Boring to Fab

If you read my post last Friday you will remember this sweat shirt I purchased from F21 for $5!
I think what I love most (besides it is warm) is I have another sweatshirt that is similar so my hubby doesn't even notice it's new (check Monday's outfit to see what I mean) :)
I love how adding a necklace like this just makes the sweatshirt less sweat-shirty (not sure that's a word, but I like it)

Brrr it was cold this past weekend!  They even said it was a chance of snow.  I took as many picture's in my new fav spot as long as I could till I had to put my coat on.  I figured I would show you the killer faux fur trimmed hood.  Last year while in DC I froze, so I stopped into Zara (mainly cause I could) and was so excited when I saw this coat on the clearance rack!  It was the best purchase I ever made, mainly I was cold but also because it was like $20!  Probably the main reason I should shop in stores a little more often.  Sadly I have a habbit of shopping online.....I click and 3-5 days I get my items.  On the rare occasion it takes a couple weeks for them to arrive, it's like a surprise because I forgot what I ordered.  I jokingly call our UPS man "Santa", I am not sure he get's why except that he makes deliveries everyday at my office and a good portion of the time they are for me.  Maybe he's not married!  Who knows.  Anyhow, I love this sweatshirt, it's thick enough without feeling too heavy and it has these neat zippers on the shoulders that can give me "air conditioning" if I do get too warm!  I love built in "air conditioning" in clothes, like my ripped jeans.

Sweat Shirt F21 here
D Jeans here (found mine at TJMaxx $16)
Converse (Chucks)  here - love how they go with just about anything
Necklace here
Scarf hand made (I know)
Coat similar
MAC Rebel lip color

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  1. I love the added drama with that glamorous necklace

  2. That necklace....!!! Eeeeek! Love it Lee!
    Nikki at


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